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Football Fullback Position – 4 Tips in Dominating Your Position

The secret to a great football team is having every member of the team preform at their top level of performance. One of those overlooked essential positions is the fullback. The fullback’s main responsibility is to block for the half back on major running plays.

The Fundamentals That Lead to a Great Football Punter

Punters are fundamental for football. In fact without this part of the game they might just change the name. In all seriousness, without a good punter you will not be able to keep the opposing teams offense down the field.

What Can I Do As an Offensive Tackle to Improve My Game?

As an offensive tackle, you will learn the importance of blocking the defense, and providing cover for the running back and quarterback options. As you continue to improve your game, this article has some great suggestions.

Improving Your Effectiveness As a Football Halfback – Four Tips to Dominate As a Halfback

The halfback is probably the most decorated and affluent runner on the offensive team. It is up to the half back to execute first down or touchdown plays, running through a tough defense. Having a great half back will ensure any football team extra points as they try and dominate their season.

Football Center Position – Four Golden Tips in Improving Your Game

The center fielder in the game of football is overlooked as an important character, and yet this position leads the offensive linemen in energy and plays. The center’s biggest responsibilities include hiking the ball to the quarterback, and blocking the defense.

In the Beginning of Football

When football was invented in 1879 and the rules where designed by Walter Camp people had no idea that it would be one of the biggest sports we have now. There are fans all around the world that love to watch, yell, and scream at there TVS. People pay hundreds of dollars to go to a game just to be there in person to watch these people play.

Do You Know the Basic Principles of Tailgating?

It’s the time of the year again when the colors of the leaves start to change, the weather gets cooler, and football fans gear up for Week 5 of the NFL season. For those of you who get excited about the changing of the leaves and the cooler weather, but couldn’t care less about Week 5 Football, you’re about to learn the Basic Principles of Tailgating — aka what football season is all about. For the novice out there, I will explain the ‘basic’ Basic Principles of Tailgating.

American Football – A Quick Guide to Positions in American Football

Football is one of the great American pastimes, but can be a little complicated. There is no other sport that has as many positions or stratagem.

Should Athletes Be Able to Express Their Religious Opinions and Still Be Respected?

In today’s society, Athletes portray vital roles in our entertainment aspect. They are viewed as role models, respected as leaders and expected to set positive examples for upcoming athletes as well as for people in general.

Top 10 Reasons Why I Love Football

It’s Tuesday afternoon; do you find yourself longing for the weekend? Not because the idea of having two days off from the daily grind perks your interest, but because your living room television is bombarded by “College Game Day”, the SEC Saturday night Showdown, and of course Sunday NFL Madness. Here are the little things that get me through the week and the top 10 reasons why I LOVE football.

How is Hurricane Ike Affecting the Houston Texans?

“You work hard to have the American dream, nice house, a car, two dogs and a cat. To see it all destroyed, is kind of disheartening. But you got to pick yourself back up.” stated Texans defensive tackle Travis Johnson.

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