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Circle of Life – 5 Bad QBs

When someone wants to get rid of a QB, they do so because they have a much better option with someone else. If they only had a slightly better option, then they would keep the QB as a backup. Therefore, one can only assume that a QB who is not-resigned, shopped around, or released is a bad QB. There is an interest…

5 Reasons Why the Detroit Lions Will Make the Playoffs in 2011

QB Matthew Stafford is healthy and has a full year of experience behind him. His unfortunate injury last year left a challenge in the continuously improving performance of the Detroit Lions. But this type of blip in the growth pattern can have positive long term effects – in effect it gave them another high draft pick to improve the team.

Search and Destroy On The Special Teams

I was the wedge breaker on my college football team for four years and can describe from experience the attitude of reckless abandon you must command to excel at this position. Better than average speed and great strength are the required talents.

My Beef With Agility Ladders

Go to most “training” centers across the country and you will undoubtedly see trainers having their athletes using agility ladders to improve performance. In fact, they will often compose an entire hour long training session to work with an agility ladder. They feel it will improve coordination, quickness, proprioceptive awareness, and most of all, agility. However, there is a failure by these trainers to truly understand how the means that they are applying towards their athletes are effecting their development.

Marrying Offenses in Youth Football – Marriage Made in Heaven or Headed for Messy Divorce?

Does it make sense to marry two different offenses in youth football? We all see things we like in different offenses, but is it worth the effort to work two different offenses together?

Why SEC Football Teams Dominate College Football

During the BCS ERA, SEC football teams have been to 104 bowl games. This equals an average 8 teams per year going to bowl games. Even more impressive they have been to the big 5 (Sugar, Rose, Fiesta, Orange, and National Championship) 21 times, or on average they which is pretty good considering the first BCS National Championship game wasn’t played until January of 2007).

Are You Finally Ready For Some Football?

The cheers of football fans across the country were audible this week as the NFL’s proposed new collective bargaining agreement was approved by team owners, the Executive Committee of the Players’ Association and the Player Reps from each team. Although some people found the break from NFL-mania to be a welcome respite, the overwhelming majority couldn’t wait to start planning tailgates, donning their team jerseys, cleaning up their man caves and buying tickets to football games that previously were on hold, some feared, for the season. Banner ads are popping up all across the internet recruiting people to…

2011 NFL Division Predictions

NFL Free Agency and off-season trading has really reformed a lot of teams. The impact led me to writing updated NFL division predictions for the 2011 NFL season.

Visit Barcelona, From Gaudi to Watching FC Barcelona, the World’s Best

If you have been considering a trip to Spain, then the city you have to see is Barcelona. If you’re going to Europe at all, or want to travel someplace exciting from all across the globe, Barcelona will still be right at the top of the list. You could spend a month and still have more to explore, from the amazing sights of Gaudi and his architecture, the culture all across the sprawling city, and oh yes, if it’s football season you can pick up FC Barcelona tickets to see the world’s best team in action.

Why Men Love Football

Football is one of the largest and perhaps the only love that keep men alert and stays alive as years go by! The truth is that men don’t just watch football. They live it.

Evolution of the Football Jersey

For more than 130 years, football has been a leading American sport across the nation. Game days unite both players and fans together for one common goal: to win. As the stadium fills with screaming fans, it is easy to determine which fans are for or against the home team. Though the color schemes differentiate players and fans from the opposing teams, it’s also a reminder of how far jerseys have come over the years.

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