When The Assist is More Beautiful Than the Goal

Americans Stay Perfect in Men’s Ice Hockey!

Team USA moves to 2-0 in tournament play with a 6-1 win over Norway but there is still a need for this team to improve. With the final score stating 6-1 you would think the US killed this Norway team. But that wasn’t the case as Team USA scored three of those goals in the final six minutes of play.

Jennie Finch – Most Famous Softball Player Ever As US Olympian and Pitcher For the Arizona Wildcats

Jennie Finch is the most famous softball player ever in part because of her beauty. This article aims to expand on what readers know about Jennie by addressing her accomplishments on the field as well as her significant position as a role model.

Chiropractic Care Included On-Site at Vancouver Games Clinic – A First For Olympians

It is already proven by several research studies and is also acknowledged by several famous athletes that chiropractic treatment is very useful and effective. Being a historical event for the chiropractic professionals, it is also a boon for the athletes who rely more on the safer and more effective way of treatment, which is known as chiropractic.

Summer Games

Which is your favorite track and field event? My favorite summer treat is the 100m sprint, but really I like them all. Each event brings with it its share of drama and intrigue.

The Summer – Fun and Games

With summer nearly upon us, attention turns to the great summer sporting festivals. Every four years there is the summer Olympics, which is what I want to focus on for now.

Teammates of Blind Canadian Skier Targets of Hate Mail

A legally blind skier was meant to take part in the Olympics. The coaches opted for the rest of the team and now they are paying a bit of a price.

The Most Famous and Popular Winter Sports

This article is about some of the more popular and famous winter sports. It connects iron chandeliers to ski lodges that have them, then moves on to talk about other popular winter sports.

Health and Fitness of Nations – Where is Money Best Spent When it Comes to Fitness?

Countries like Canada and Australia have shown that it is possible to “buy”gold medals. Is this the best use for taxpayers dollars when so many people are unfit? Would the money be better spent providing opportunities for more people to be active rather than just an elite few?

Bravery Was Coloured Bronze at Winter Olympics 2010 – Part 3

Rochette, a Canadian figure skater, had long held a dream with her mother about winning an Olympic medal. Same as many others there. However, just after arriving in Vancouver to watch Joannie, her mother Therese had a massive heart attack and died.

My 17 Days of Addiction

I think I finally understand what it’s like to be a recovering heroine addict. Right now I’m at the tail end, going through a withdrawal period and I’m not sure how I’m going to get through it.

Bravery Was Coloured Bronze at Winter Olympics 2010 – Part 2

To win a Winter Olympic medal you have to be brave – in fact you have to be brave to even compete, but in this 2nd part of 3, I want to focus on a woman who epitomises the kind of bravery involved. Petra Majdic turned up at the Games ready to go, same as the other athletes, for the country country classic sprint. Before her heat though, it was all about to change, as she fell over the edge of the run and fell down a 10 foot hill onto rocks.

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