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The Exciting Olympic Event of Ski Jumping

What is Ski Jumping? Ski jumping is a sport where the athlete skis down an “inrun” with a take-off ramp, which is the jump, trying to travel as far as possible. The skier is measured based on length and style.

What is the Nordic Combined Olympic Event?

Did you know that Nordic Combined is the combination of the two popular winter sports: ski jumping and cross country skiing? Read this article to learn more about the popular Winter Olympic event.

All About the Alpine Skiing Olympic Event

Alpine skiing, also otherwise known as downhill skiing, is a high speed sport where skiers reach intense speeds greater than 130 kilometres an hour. The vertical drop ranges from 180 metres (slalom) to 1,100 metres (downhill) and can be made more difficult with gates the skiers must pass through. If a skier misses a gate, they become disqualified.

Whistler Olympics Sliding Events – About Bobsled, Luge, & Skeleton

Ever wondered how the sliding sports: bobsled, luge and skeleton came to be? What’s the difference between each sport? Find out the answers to these questions and when you can catch them at the 2010 Whistler Olympics.

Whistler Olympics Cross Country Skiing – Learn All About the Different Types of Events

Find out all the nitty gritty details about the winter Whistler Olympic event that presents the most medals! Learn about the different techniques and competition formats.

Whistler Olympics Biathlon Event – Find Out All the Event Details

What is the Biathlon Event? The winter sport biathlon involves “two tests”: cross country skiing and small calibre rifle target shooting. The equivalent summer biathlon sport combines cross country running with rifle shooting.

Vancouver and Whistler 2010 Olympics – 2009 Update

Although 2010 is the Olympic year, 2009 will be the telling year of the Olympic cities of Vancouver and Whistler. Before becoming the Mayor of the City of Vancouver in December, Gregor Robertson acknowledged that he had no idea of the magnitude of the Olympics. “A statistic in particular allowed me to better understand the phenomenon: three games of the Super Bowl a day for 16 days! Before hearing such comparison, it was, in my view, a huge event for which I had difficulty in understanding all the implications. “

Coverage of Special Olympics – Where Were the Major Television Networks?

I guess the major network television media didn’t think that the Special Olympics were special nor really Olympics. Katie Couric didn’t have a little blip about one of the contestants even though her sympathetic style would dictate that she do so. The Vice President of the United States was ignored as if he wasn’t here in Idaho cheering on these special people. The contestants were thrilled by his visit. The national television media was not. Even the local television channels asked, where is the national coverage?

Whistler Olympics – Transportation

Whistler Village is a modern community with approximately 10,000 permanent residents. Developed in 1980, Whistler Village infrastructure always included a heavy emphasis on transportation. Whistler Village offers a unique experience where a vehicle is unnecessary. The closed concept is connected primarily by pedestrian walkways which allows for an undisturbed flow of traffic.

Whistler Olympics Sports Events

Read about the events that will happen at the 2010 Olympics in Whistler. Learn and get a complete definition of all the Whistler Olympic sports.

Whistler Olympics Booking Tips

With the 2010 Whistler Olympics less than a year away, there is no time better than now to secure your Olympic accommodation. Get Whistler Olympic booking tips and learn what NOT to do, to avoid any pitfalls when securing your Whistler 2010 accommodation.

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