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The Olympians, When the Limelight Fades

The 2012 Olympics are over. What happens to the athletes who dedicated their lives to achieving a gold, silver or bronze medal when the media switch off the spotlight?

Snooker at the Paralympics

I watched the Paralympics in pride and wonder. To see well trained athletes performing to such incredible standards in spite of their disabilities was truly inspiring. Quick, skilful movements, bordering on the dangerous at times were exciting to watch and the satisfaction the athletes felt at their achievements were a joy to see. The obvious pleasure of the participants taking part at every level was enormously satisfying and the knowledge that ‘Great Britain’ ‘Big Business’ and ‘The Unions’ were behind the enterprise, prepared to contribute to the athletes’ training and the quality of their equipment, must have seemed like the culmination of a wonderful dream. I am very keen to see the sport of Snooker reinvigorated and reintroduced into the next Paralympics which will be held in Brazil in 2016. With this in mind I’m asking for general support in backing my idea and request. We all know that achievements are important in the lives of able bodied people, but even more strongly celebrated when we achieve after a struggle. I therefore would like to see this sport included in the table of events in the next games.

Women at the Olympic Games

The male, in most animal species, was built for competition. The hunter / gatherer competed with nature to bring food home for his family. He also competed with other tribes for hunting ground.

The Modern Olympic Games

The modern Olympic Games, as can be seen with the London Olympics held this year, have become one of the largest special sporting events on the international calendar. But what do we know about these games from a historical point of view? With more than 200 countries now competing in the Olympics (both summer and winter games) are held biennially, with the Summer and Winter Olympic Games alternating every two years, but each event (either the summer or winter Olympics) occurs only every four years.

When Average Performance Was Just Not Enough!

We have just had our Paralympics in the UK, which is an international sport event, which athletes with physical and other disabilities participated in, this may include mobility disabilities, amputates, blindness and cerebral palsy. There is a practice called boosting, which an athlete with spinal damage is capable of doing. Statistics indicates that a 30% of wheelchair athletes are doing boosting before the games. They do self harm to help increase blood pressure and…

Uplifting Experience

Lefteris Stefanoudakis, a big name in Greek weightlifting in the Seventies who competed at the Munich and Montreal Olympics, would love to have been part of an Athens Games but he is happy to have left the daily hardships of top competition behind him. The training for up to 12 hours a day brought its rewards, including a gold medal in the Mediterranean Championships and several national records. But it also came with the constant threat of injury, always watching your diet and frequent trips to the sauna before an event to make your weight category – that…

Assessment of Paralympics 2012

. World Records have been broken and amazing personal and team achievements have been made by participating Australian Athletes. It would probably be unfair to name individual performers as all our and every other competing countries athletes are without doubt Heroes and Heroines.

How Businesses Around the UK Are Benefiting From the Olympics

The Olympic Games in London have brought a huge number of people to the UK and the impact on our economy is inevitably going to be substantial as a result. With more and more people on our streets as the games go on, businesses of all sorts are seeing increased demand for both products and services. While the weekends of the Royal wedding and the Queen’s Jubilee were profitable times for many companies involved in tourism, the London Olympics surpasses each in both its scale and economic influence.

Belief and Perspective Lead to Medal Breakthrough for USA Distance Running

Leo Manzano and Galen Rupp of the United States Olympic team each won a silver medal in their individual events this past week in London. On the surface this may not sound too impressive, as Americans routinely bring home gold medals in track and field at the Olympics. However, in their respective events (the 1500 meter run and the 10,000 meter run) they are the first Americans to win a medal of any kind in those events since the 1960’s.

Sports Psychology: What Are Olympic Athletes Really Like?

Sports fans, athletes, journalists and coaches are fascinated with Olympic Champions. What are they really like? This article gives readers some additional insights into the minds and personalities of these very special people.

What Is the True Spirit of the Olympics?

So I was thinking… “What is the true spirit of the Olympic games”? It is indisputably the only time where essentially all the countries of the world come together in the common purpose of sport. Of course it is with the intention of competition and attempting to prove that your country possesses the superior athletes.

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