What a CFP Win vs Michigan Would Mean for Kirby Smart | CFP Semifinal Michigan vs Georgia

The Favorite Receivers of Baltimore Colts Great Johnny Unitas

Johnny Unitas was one of the all time greats to play football in the National Football League. His style of play and his persona endeared himself to the pro football fans of Baltimore and continues to do so to this day even though he hasn’t played in more than 30 years. Who were Johnny Unitas’s favorite receivers though?

NFL Playoffs – Road to Super Bowl XLIV

News and review of the last eight teams competing in Super Bowl XLIV. New York Jets; San Diego Chargers: Indianapolis Colts; Baltimore Ravens; Minnesota Vikings; Dallas Cowboys; New Orleans Saints; Arizona Cardinals.

High School Football Recruiting – How to Get a Foot in the College Door

As a high school athlete looking to break into a college team, you have a difficult job on your hands. High school football recruiting is difficult, with hundreds of athletes competing for a few, limited spots.

Minnesota Vikings Vs New Orleans Saints – Can Vikings Win Superbowl 44?

With Super Bowl XLIV or plainly just go back to using 44 in South Florida merely few days away to go, it has never been too early to start reflecting on all the probable matchups, with all their interesting storylines. Taking in the scope of the complete 12-team playoff field, in any case while it lasts, here is a simple sample prediction of the top 10 hoped-for Super pairings.

Jets Vs Colts – Jets Should Be Favorites

When betting In Las Vegas, the New York Jets have long odds to win the Super Bowl than any of the 12 teams in the playoff. Rex Ryan the Jets coach is not permitted from betting on the NFL, but for him a bet on the Jets is a great deal. On his daily news conference, he was asked to comment about his reaction to being the squad with the longest odds which is currently at 50-1 to win the championship.

Houston Texans History Still Short, But Progressing

In the later part of the year, the Houston Texans were christened during a downtown celebration, where the new team logo was unveiled. Dom Capers was hired in 2001 as the head coach of the team, and by 2002 the Houston Texans team was ready for action.

Washington Huskies Hope to Push Forward in the Future

The Washington Huskies are a team full of history and team prestige. With an all-time record of 656-398-50 the Huskies have been successful throughout their whole team’s history. In their conference, the Pacific Conference, the purple and gold have won 15 titles. They have been to thirty bowl game and are 18-11-1 in those thirty games. To top off the Huskies spectacular history, they have…

Printable Bumper Stickers & Refrigerator Magnets – 2009-10 NFL Playoff Games – DIY Instructions

Free Printable 2009-10 NFL Championship Playoff series bumper stickers and refrigerator magnets featuring all NFL Playoff Teams. Make beautiful homemade bumper stickers and refrigerator magnets with our easy DIY instructions.

Jets Are Biggest NFL Surprise Team in 2009

It’s official at this point. No team has been a bigger surprise than the New York Jets. Did anyone really expect them to make the AFC conference championship game?

Interesting Facts About the Quarterbacks of the New York Jets

The New York Jets have experienced both successful and not so successful times during their career. The men who have played quarterback for the team have had a large role in both those times. Here are some interesting facts about the men who have played quarterback for the New York Jets.

Brett Favre and Vikings Take on Dallas Cowboys

Brett Favre has been waiting for this for over a year, when he joined the Jets. I always thought that he was going to make history and complete his Legacy with the N.Y Jets. Life doesn’t work out the way you think it would.

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