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College Football Recruiting – Playing For Scholarships

College recruiting involves many sports, among them college football. College football is a popular sport in the USA. Therefore, for many students looking for college scholarships, college football recruiting is an important process.

Understanding Football – Offense and Defense

Football should be an easy game to understand. Run the ball, throw the ball, kick the ball, score. Not quite – throw in amazing athleticism, weather, and unforeseen problems, and NOW you have a football game.

Quarterback Passing Techniques – Hitch & Throw and Hit & Throw

Matching the depth and route each receiver runs, as the quarterback, you must know immediately at the end of your drop, whether to throw a hit and throw or use a hitch step and deliver that pass as a hitch and go. You should be able to execute both the hit and throw or the hitch and throw, matching them to the timing of the pass routes called.

Super Bowl Football

The American Super Bowl which started on January 15, 1967 which was originally part of an agreement between the NFL and its younger rival, the AFL which stands for the American football league, to start with the Super Bowl was a game which the champions of both leagues would then play each other to be crowned AFL – NFL world champions. Although the two leagues 3 years later merged which was in 1970 and then the Super Bowl became the NFL’s championship match which was then played between the champions of both the league’s two major conference…

How to Be a Drop Back Passer – Quarterback Footwork

Quarterback drops are the number of steps you take back from the line of scrimmage as a drop back passer before you set up in the pocket to throw the pass. Each of your passing plays will require you to make different drops. As a drop back passer you want to ensure you take the correct number of drop steps for the timing between you and your receivers.

America’s Sport and Championship Game – The Super Bowl

Super Bowl Sunday is one of the most infamous days for sitting back, relaxing with friends, yelling at the players, all while sipping back a cold one. Ticket sales, for this particular day, are through the rough. People going to the game don’t seem to care how much they spend, they just want the best seats in the house.

How to Throw the Football

How to throw the football starts with the grip ending with the follow through. This article takes you through the steps needed to become a successful passer.

NFL – Spach Out For the Rest of the NFL Season Playoffs

The tight end of the Arizona Cardinals and 26 years-old Stephen Spach, is out for the rest of the season due to a tore ACL on his right knee, the injury happened while doing a block during the second half of the game against the Carolina Panthers last Saturday. Spach was a great help for the Cardinals in the running game, especially by his blocking abilities, which were an important weapon in the progress of the Cardinals classification. During the game against Atlanta before playing against Carolina, Spach got a 23-yard catch on the third quarter and a late 16 situation in the 30-24 wild-card victory.

Top 10 Most Disappointing NFL Teams in 2008 Season

The year 2008 in the NFL was a year of big surprises and disappointments. We saw history made, major fall offs and plenty of coaches fired. Here are the most disappointing teams in 2008.

Youth Football Sportsmanship – The Ultimate Story the Gainseville State School

Are you tired of hearing how bad sportsmanship is in the US? Tired of hearing about another fight between parents and coach or worse? Take in what happened to the Gainesville State school this season, it’s a

2008 BCS Championship Game – Florida’s Tebow, Harvin and Defense Send Oklahoma Home a Loser, 24-14

When on patrol in a war zone and we are suddenly ambushed and outnumbered 10-to-1 and I have my choice of any player on the Florida and Oklahoma football teams, give me Tim Tebow. Millions of television viewers found out why during the BCS national championship game when Tebow led Florida to a 24-14 win over Oklahoma for the national championship title.

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