Unforgettable Red Cards in Football

Coaching Youth Football – An Insight On How To Run A Successful Youth Football Program

How To Organize Your Youth Football Program For Success. How To Handle Issues Before They Arise.

Gus Malzahn: From High School to College

Just six years ago in the fall of 2005, an Arkansas high school coach was trying to put his school’s football program on the national map. Fast forward to 2011 and, not only did he put Springdale HS on the map, he has made quite a name for himself as the current offensive coordinator at Auburn University.

Double Eagle Flex Defense

Double Eagle Flex Defense is one of the most innovative defenses in a long time, the “Desert Swarm” turned things around at The University of Arizona a few years back. You do not see much of this defense today. If you can run it effectively the chances are that your opponent has not seen it either!

La Liga Season Review 2010-2011

Similar to the current season, the last season was also a case of the total domination of Real Madrid and Barcelona. The two teams are considered as the only real competitors for the league title in the La Liga which may be a tad bit too harsh as Valencia, Levante, and Villarreal are all excellent sides and can give a tough time to the two Spanish giants on any day. However, their performances are and have been largely overshadowed by the two giants of La Liga.

Maurice Jones-Drew: Still Running In Jacksonville

Maurice Jones-Drew is one of the best running backs in the NFL, yet receives little attention for his accomplishments. In college, where Jones-Drew played for the UCLA Bruins, he was a top tier running back as well as an accomplished kick returner. Jones-Drew was taken with the 60th pick in the 2006 NFL draft.

Defending Four Verticals Out of Cover Three

For anyone running a 3-5-3 or 4-2-5 Defense, you’ve run into the issue of an 8-Man front against 4 vertical threats. Teams are going to try to hit you on the seams if you are a Cover 3 team just plan for it.

Bart Starr Helps the Rawhide Ranch for Troubled Youth

Bart Starr gave a lifetime of glorious football memories to Green Bay fans. As the on-field general during the Vince Lombardi dynasty, Starr’s Packers won five NFL Championships and the first two Super Bowls. But in 1965, during the height of his Hall of Fame career, Starr began helping give troubled young men the gift of a better life through the Rawhide Boys Ranch.

Blind Side Head Coach Gets His Dream Job

Who will ever forget Sandra Bullock’s constant grumbling to coach Burt Cotton in the Academy Award winning film The Blind Side? The story of Michael Oher and his journey to the NFL is heartwarming and, now, it might be time to start on a sequel. Coach Cotton in the movie is really coach Hugh Freeze, a native Mississipian who today landed his dream job as he was named the new head football coach at the University of Mississippi.

Using the Alert Check in Quarters Coverage

The Alert Check is the coverage check we use in Quarters versus two receivers removed. We have to make some adjustments in order to handle the threat of two fast, vertical threats. This video details the check.

College Football Playoffs – Who Needs It?

Awh, it’s that time of the year again. The interstate rivals, the conference championship games, and the bowl season right around the corner. But as usual, everyone is caught up in the college football playoffs controversy. It seems to happen every year. People with poor memories will forget what it used to be like and how we would derive at a national champion.

Penn State Fans React To Knee-Jerk Reactions

The recent disturbing News involving Penn State University has caused many fans to react with support. Because of negative public comments, they have taken to literally wearing their support on their sleeves. Merchandise sales dipped immediately after the news broke, but true PSU fans started to buy even more Penn State stuff as a kind of in your face statement to the public’s media driven knee-jerk reaction.

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