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Flag Football Coaching Tips

Welcome to 2011 and a new year of flag football. I have searched the web for new topics and ideas about Flag Football coaching tips. A couple of areas I am going to focus on in the new year are drills and fitness. Let me just say that flag football is a popular sport but it has no one central place to go for anything; I aim to fix that.

Team by Team Post Super Bowl Analysis: NFC West

We’re a few weeks removed from the Super Bowl and the talk of the game and Aaron Rogers’ great performance have been overshadowed by CBA grandstanding. It’s tough for the average football fan to relate to this squabble. We should all be so lucky.

Flag Football Tips – Flag Pulling 101

Flag pulling in Flag Football is the simplest thing, but it can be the hardest. Flag pulling stops the play. Think of it has a tackle. A very soft tackle. Missing a flag is like yawning, you know once one person yawns someone else is going to yawn. Same with missing a flag I have seen this happen on a team where this has happen, this will usually end with some yahoo celebrating like he just won the super bowl and your team giving each other dirty looks with shouts of “pull the flag” or “we have to pull flags guys”.

Super Falcons Claim a Historical Seventh Title at the African Women Championship 2006

The Super Falcons of Nigeria made a bold statement in 2006 when they clinched the African Women Championship trophy a record seventh time. In this article, i will be sharing the amazing victory story.

Super Falcons Clinch the African Women Championship Trophy a Record Sixth Time

The Super Falcons of Nigeria confirmed their supremacy on the African football continent by clinching the 2004 African Women Championship. In this article, i will be highlighting the journey of the Super Falcons to the final.

Disruptive Nose Tackles Win Championships

Often, we hear the QB position is the most important to a team and the high percentage of “franchise tags” for QBs would support this. But for my money, give me a disruptive force against the core of a offensive line – the middle.

How Will An NFL Lockout Affect Your Love For The Game?

With the Super Bowl a few weeks past now attention has turned to the collective bargaining agreement. Will a lockout affect your feelings for the game of football? Will it hurt the game?

Key Mechanics of Form Tackling in Football

Tackling in football is one of the main components of the game. Proper tackling or form tackling in youth football is a core fundamental that must be practiced each and every practice at the youth football level. A team with good football tackling fundamentals is a team with confidence!

NFL Lockout: Do the Owners Have the Players Over a Barrel?

With an NFL lockout looming and the possibility of no 2011 season for football fans it’s a scary thought to think there will be no training camps, free agency, or a football season for the matter. So the big question is why are the owners willing to jeopardize losing their fans that love the game with a lockout?

Munster Football Final Is a Great Occasion in Killarney

The Munster Football Final is one of the biggest games in the Gaelic Football calendar. All six counties participate: Tipperary, Waterford, Limerick, Clare, Kerry and Cork. The teams play in an open draw and the two teams that win all their games contest the final. The highlight of the year is a Kerry and Cork Final.

Reasons That People May Be Interested In Football Jerseys

There are many causes people may be interested in football jerseys. Sometimes people take pleasure in them because they are big fan of the sport. Many individuals that are supportive of certain teams or players would like to have a piece of clothing to show their support.

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