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Modern Pentathlon: Laser Guns To Replace Air Pistols

The modern pentathlon event at the London Olympics in 2012 will witness a major change that could revolutionize the sport and attract many more competitors to it. The London event will oversee the replacement of air pistols by laser guns, a move that was finalized after a trial run at the Youth Olympics has proved to be huge success.

Should Kitesurfing Be Included At The 2016 Olympic Games?

In 2009 the International Olympic Committee at its Copenhagen Conference declared that “the Olympics movement must strive to extend its remit and to increase its influence with young people across the world.” Would kitesurfing make a good Olympic Sport?

Various Preparations Towards Making The Olympics A Major Success

The Olympics is one major sporting event that is much awaited by millions of people. It is a sporting event wherein athletes from different countries compete and work hard to make their country the best. Many things need to be prepared beforehand to make this event a success.

What is a Bobsled Used For?

A bobsled is a racing sled that can coast at very high speeds. Bobsledding is one of the most exciting of winter sports, because of the tremendous speed. Bobsleds were first made in Switzerland, where there are high, icy mountains to coast on. A bobsled has a plank or platform on which one or more persons can sit, with two separate sets of runners, one pair in front, and one in back. The runners have steel edges, to cut into the icy track and keep the sled on its course, and at the same time to allow it to go as fast as possible.

Going The Distance – A Brief Discus History

Like many other track and field events, discus originated in ancient Greece. Discus history can be traced back to the 8th Century BC and the competition is depicted in ancient Greek art and the epic poetry of Homer. Discus was one of 12 athletic competitions included in the first modern Olympic Games in 1896. When the Olympics was opened to women in 1928, discus was the first weight throwing competition they participated in.

Triple Jump Technique – Practical Tips To Improve

One of the most technical track and field events is called the triple jump, and this involves a sprint, hop, skip, and then leap. If you want to be successful in this discipline it is important that you are agile, quick, strong, and very coordinated. Triple jump technique is very important, so consider some of these practical tips that should help you get to where you want to go.

Pole Vault History – From Ancient Cultures To Modern Times

The pole vault is an exciting spectator sport that forms part of the track and field events. The event is done by the athlete running towards a goal with a fiber glass pole and then using the pole to launch their body over the goal. Pole vault history is very long extending back into classical times and various cultures around the world.

Hammer Throw History From Past To Present

One very popular event in the track and field competition is hammer throwing. This type of sport was developed several centuries ago in England, Ireland and Scotland. The hammer throwing event can be traced back to a time when the Tailteann games were taking place in Tara, Ireland in the year 2000 D. C., and with it came a tale of a Celtic hero, named Cuhulanin.

A Short Briefing Of The Triple Jump History

The athletic triple jump is known as the most athletically event in track and field. A person will start running down the runway and as if by magic makes a long jump that sometimes looks as though they are flying through the air and landing in the sandpit. The triple jump history made its mark thousands of years ago when it was first introduced in the Tailteann games which took place in Scotland in 1829 BCE.

Long Jump History – Ancient To Modern Olympics

Long jump history arches back thousands of years to the ancient Olympic Games in Greece. In those days it was a part of the pentathlon event, and this makes it one of the oldest track and field events and the oldest jumping event in athletics.

Pole Vault Technique – Training For The Pole Vault

Of all of the track and field events that you may be able to get involved with, the pole vault is certainly one on the fringe. One of the reasons for this is simply down to the fact that it is so technically difficult, and potentially dangerous if you get your technique wrong. Having proper pole vault technique is crucial to any success that you might achieve, and there are many important parts and faces to any successful pole vault that you need to understand.

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