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Should the Steelers Be Worried?

Things looked great for the Steelers entering the 2009 NFL season. Coming off an amazing Super Bowl victory, the team looked as strong as ever before, having maintained most of the pieces from last year’s team. With Ben Roethlisberger back for another year, a strong group of wide receivers, and a running back trio that was continuing to develop (especially in the cases of Mewelde Moore and Rashard Mendenhall), things looked great for the Steelers.

Ravens Pick Up Where They Left Off

The Ravens were one of those football teams that got stronger and stronger as the season progressed. Rookie QB Joe Flacco continued to develop through the course of the 2008 NFL season and looked almost like a veteran by the end of the season. While the team made the playoffs, they were stopped short in their tracks, but the 2008 season was by and large considered a successful one for the Baltimore Ravens.

College Football – Note to the Michigan State Spartans, Are You Starting to Slide Backwards?

Michigan State had a chance to run the table this year but blew it by losing at home 29-27 to Central Michigan. The Spartans then traveled to Notre Dame and, after trading touchdowns and field goals one too few times, lost 33-30. Now Michigan State faces Wisconsin in its Big Ten opener, and is in a whoop of trouble. Read what’s not happening in Spartanland.

The New and Improved New York Jets

Wow, what a turnaround it’s been in New York! Not only does the team have a new coach, a new rookie QB, some new role players, and more, but the entire team looks completely revitalized in a way like I’ve never seen it before. As a fan of the team, I have to say that I’m absolutely thrilled.

College Football – Dawgs Show Their Fangs, Washington Upsets 3rd-Ranked USC Trojans, 16-13

A month of Saturdays hit the calendar when the Southern California Trojans traveled north to Seattle recently to face last year’s 0-12 Washington Huskies. In just three games under the new coaching staff that inherited the 0-12 team, Washington has snapped a 15-game losing streak, upset No. 3-ranked USC 16-13, and vaulted into the AP Top 25 Poll at No. 24. Discover what’s going on among the Huskies in the Great Pacific Northwest.

A List of the Highest Paid Football Players in the NFL

This article provides information about the highest paid players of the NFL. What follows is a list of players and their salaries, a discussion about NFL player salary, and NFL salary implications for both players and fans.

Plaxico Burress Will Not Be Missed

I am not trying to be a hypocrite and act as if I didn’t wish as a Giants fan that we had his talented services. After watching Eli manning spread the ball around to his young core of receivers I was not only impressed but felt at ease with this upcoming NFL season and it’s potential.

NFL Goes to China – Why Would It?

On September 13, 2009 the Washington Post ran an article entitled, “NFL Aims to Reach China Through Unusual Channel.” The article explains that in its desire to convert Chinese people into football fans, the NFL recognized that the Chinese did not have an inherent interest in football. However, the Chinese do have an interest in American culture. Consequently, rather than trying to sell the Chinese on the sport itself, the NFL is seeking to make more fans by linking football to culture.

The Football Widow – How to Survive the Season

It is that time of year once again, ladies. Yep, it is football season. The time of year when your husbands, boyfriends, and significant others seem to go into their man cave or camp out on the couch for hours upon end.

Four Great Things in the Cowboys’ New Stadium

The Cowboys are a great NFL team that plays for the state of Texas. This article details four noteworthy things in the new stadium that was just built for them.

College Football Week 3 – Dream Season Ends For Southern Cal, Brigham Young, Utah and Georgia Tech

The great difference why watching college football games is so much more enjoyable than watching pro football is not because it is exciting-heck, pro football can be exciting too-it’s because college football is much more unpredictable. College football’s third week of action is an excellent example. Find out why the fortunes of four teams-Southern California, Brigham Young, Utah and Georgia Tech-changed dramatically after losing this week.

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