Top Women’s Surfing Moments at Tokyo 2020!

Recruiting for Football – Recruiting Rankings Don’t Guarantee Success on the Field

Despite their popularity among fans, recruiting rankings – rankings of college football programs based on the perceived quality of their high school recruiting classes each year – sometimes have little relation to the success of those programs on the field in later years. Of the eight teams ranked among the top 10 in recruiting by each of three national recruiting websites for 2006, six of them (USC, Georgia, Florida, Texas, Penn State, and Notre Dame) failed to rank among the top 25 in the final Associated Press poll after the 2010 football season. Most players recruited in 2006…

The Puma Football Ad

One of the less known football merchandise brand Puma came up with the best advertisement that was able to propel them to the next level despite the problem caused due to lack of funds that they had encountered especially during the world cup. They designed videos with the message of love=football campaign that would be able to capture a lot of peoples attention Through their innovativeness they were able to come up with a viral advertisement which they were not sure would take the spectators by storm. Through the two viral videos they were able to communicate a lot…

The Connection Of Football Blades To Players Injuries

An investigation is currently being carried out concerning the role modern studs have played to the injuries different players have experienced during the game as they play, some of which are career ending and may take a very long time to heal. They are looking for the effect of this modern blades compared to the original regular studs. A good example is the match between rangers and Manchester united, during the match, one of the defenders was involved in a tackle with Antonio Valencia of Manchester United at which Antonio got one of his bone broken in the process…

NFL Player Rankings: The Best All Time Players

Football fans love to debate NFL player rankings. See if you agree with the best all time players we have singled out in this article.

Youth Football: Football Practice and Conditioning

A proper conditioning routine during football practice is as important as any other elements that you have planned in your football practice. A football team that is well conditioned and well coached is a tough one to play against. It’s important that as a youth football coach we balance conditioning as part of your practice routine.

The Greatest Show on Earth

An overview of 2011’s Super Bowl. From Advertising to Security.

Jets Defeated By Steelers

With all the trash that they talked after their win over the New England Patriots Sunday before last, the NY Jets had to swallow their words last night with a 24-19 lost by the Pittsburgh Steelers.While dominating the first half, the Steelers were able to score two touchdowns within seconds. Many people downplayed the Steelers ability to defeat the Jets due to the Jets’s win over the Patriots and Colts; however, the Steelers were able to come in and fight for what they felt was rightfully theirs, the AFC Championship.

Super Bowl XLV Week

Hearts in Dallas and Fort Worth go out to superstar Cowboys quarterback Roger Starbach and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. For a year these two respected Metroplex leaders and community supporters have guided the negotiations that earned Dallas and Fort Worth the privilege of hosting Super Bowl XLV. Jones asked Staubach to chair the North Texas Super Bowl XLV Bid Committee.

2010 Season in Review: Evaluating the Eagles Linebackers

After a lot of poor play from the Eagles linebackers in 2009, things seemed to be looking up with the return of a healthy Stewart Bradley in 2010. Although there was more consistency out of the middle linebacker position in 2010, it still wasn’t an overly impressive year for the linebackers.

Why Fans Love the Manchester United Team

One of the most loved and admired football club by most of the fans all over the world independent of their locality is Manchester United, the fans of these clubs are found almost everywhere in these world where most of them want to be associated with these team because of its fame and success. It’s good to know the reason why this club has a very large following of fans. It has often been argued that the fans of Manchester united are not necessarily from the city of Manchester itself, but are found all over at different places.

A Closer Look On Football Shoes

Currently in the world of football, there is an investigation being done concerning the football boots the players wear and how it might have contributed to the many injuries that most of them sustain during the process of them playing football. Issues have risen with the modern blades that are now being placed on the football boots over the regular studs that have been in use previously. The investigation considered the match between Manchester united and the rangers where one of Manchester united player Antonio Valencia got his bone broken when he was involved in a tackle with a…

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