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Find a Job in the National Football League – 7 Skills That Are Needed to Work in Sports

For many people, both children and adults, sports are a vital part of their lives. Sports are a part of their lives through watching the game on television or in person, by playing the sport recreationally, or playing the sport scholastically in high school or college. A job industry that is steadily growing is the sports industry. Unemployment as of January 2009 was at 7.6% courtesy of the United States Department of Labor. With people now looking for jobs and a potential career change, the sport industry is turning into a desiring field.

Tennessee Titans – Defensive Coordinator Named!

Titan’s secondary coach Chuck Cecil has been promoted to the post of the defensive coordinator and Marcus Robertson to secondary coach and named Tim Hauck as the assistant secondary coach. Beginning as a quality control coach in 2001 – 2003 Cecil has worked with the team as their coach for eight seasons not forgetting he coached the safeties and nickel backs in 2004-2006 before he became the secondary coach for the last two seasons i.e. 2007-2008.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Personnel and Strategy

Luke McCown was always the person the Bucs never dreamt of starting a quarterback. Although he had worked with Tampa Bay for four seasons he was always an afterthought to Chris Simms and Brian Griese.

St Louis Rams Team Preview!

It appears that Ram’s new coach Steve Spagnuolo is growing thinner and thinner for the last month since he was elected the teams’ coach. He says the job is tasking and requires one to dedicate all his time and energy to the work. To hiring a staff, preparing them for the combine and evaluating the current roaster can proof to be time consuming.

Oakland Raiders – An FYI

This National Football (NFL) Team was founded in 1960. It has branded their stadium McAfee Coliseum. Their logo consists of a helmeted pirate with two crossed sword behind him (pirate).

New York Jets – New Training Complex Offices

It’s said that the efforts a team puts as it prepares for any game is as crucial as the game itself. It’s because of this reason that the New York Jets made plans to build a new training complex; they wanted a lot more than just a training ground.

Minnesota Vikings Stadium Frustrations

The quest for a new stadium in Minnesota has reached its boiling point, after the hope for a new stadium failed. There has been less progress on building a new venue for the Vikings.

Miami Dolphins Face Tougher Schedule

The dolphin’s success last year comes with a much tougher schedule for this year which will basically make it difficult to defend their AFC East title. Based on last year’s regular season records, they will have a tight schedule in the NFL next season though things might turn out differently. The Dolphins will play with the entire of NFC south and AFC south. They will as well face AFC North and west champions following their win last year. This will give them one of the most grueling sessions from the NFL.

Detroit Lions Front Office Team Named!

Detroit lions’ team has finally named its coaching and front office staff after the NFL’s 0-16 season. According to the general manager of Detroit lions Martin Mayhew, James Harris has been hired as the new senior personnel executive who will be responsible for evaluating players and managing the personnel department.

Interesting History and Facts About the Redskins

The Washington Redskins, surprising to most who are unfamiliar with the NFL, are actually located in Washington D.C. They play their games at FedEx Field in Landover, Maryland, and are part of the NFC East in the NFL. The Washington Redskins are the second most valuable NFL team with more than $1.5 billion in worth.

Summer Speed Training

Speed is such a crucial determinant of whether an athlete is able to play at a high level or not. An athlete with above-average speed stands out once in a while, but the athlete who possesses explosive speed is deadly! Learn some little known facts on how to improve your speed over the summer.

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