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Finally, College Football Has a Playoff System!

My article will inform you on the recent changes to the new playoff system in college football. The shanges will be made during the 2014 football season. So, we will have to live with the BCS for two more seasons.

Peyton Manning: Fantasy Dud or Fantasy Stud?

Will Peyton Manning Have an impressive season with the Denver Broncos? Or will he be a flop with a different team? It’s easy to see..

College Football Has Grown Since It Began

Summer almost over and college football season is right around the corner. College football is a great way to start off the school year. This is a great event for everyone in your family.

Coaching Football’s Zone Read Play

The Zone Read Play is one of Football’s most exciting and versatile plays. You can see it run at every level of football from Youth Football to High School and College. The play has even made it’s way into the NFL in recent years. Learn how to coach this great running play in your own offense.

2012 Football Recruiting – How To Get Recruited This Season

Football is almost here and so is the 2012 Football Recruiting season. Get an advantage over your competition this year just by taking a few simple steps they don’t. This article can teach you some simple tricks to being noticed by college coaches.

Are the Glory Days for Cincinnati Bearcat Football Over?

Despite UC’s recent run of success, why does the future look so gloomy in Clifton? As the Big East potentially dies a slow death, University of Cincinnati football finds itself in a world of hurt.

2012 New York Jets Football Preview: Turbulence Ahead For Mark Sanchez and the Jets

The New York jets followed up an 11-win season two years ago with a dismal 8-8 season in 2011. The Jets finished the season in a free-fall losing three straight games to a combined 93-50, and that trend will continue into the upcoming season.

Packers Vs Bears

When you say Packers/Bears, not much more needs to be said. The teams have a hatred for each other that goes back almost 100 years. This has become a greater rivalry lately since the two teams have been successful.

Football Betting Superstitions

Superstitions are part of our life. Read about some important football players weird rituals and betting fans superstitions.

Advice in Decreasing Football Injuries

Wearing a knee brace can help prevent the twisting motion that causes the damage. Though, wearing a knee brace is a little awkward to begin with, the more you practice wearing it, the easier it will be to play with it on your knee.

Could The NFC North Be The Best Division Of Quarterbacks?

The NFC North has vastly improved its quarterback play as a whole over the years. Does the division have the best quarterbacks in the league? The NFC South and NFC East are very good competition.

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