This Igarashi wave though… 🤯 # Shorts

NFL Week 8: A Review of Pittsburgh and New Orleans and Mini Review of the Rest

New Orleans beating Pittsburgh was their best win since winning last years’ Super Bowl. It wasn’t just beating a good team from the AFC. They beat the Steelers at the own game.

Top 5 Websites to Check NFL Rankings

There are too many websites that use tired and rehashed data from the past to try to piece together some type of coherent ranking. In most instances, this approach does not work since it is not up to date information.

Five Fun Facts About Quarterback Vinny Testaverde

Vinny Testaverde had a long career that took him to a number of teams. Due to his longevity, he ended up with some pretty impressive career numbers too. Here is a look at five facts you may not know about Vinny Testaverde.

Reasons for Optimism

Negativity abounds in the media and amongst fans about the Chicago Bears. After dropping three of their last four games, due mostly to serious offensive lapses, this negativity, for the most part, is justified. However, there are signs this team can stumble into the playoffs.

The Case for Chris Williams

As the Bears consider another offensive line adjustment, what will coaches decided to do with LG Chris Williams? This article examines the pros and cons of starting or sitting the beleaguered Williams.

NFL Picks

The NFL season is well under way and it’s important to make sure that you are winning your fantasy football and work football pool. Everybody loves to watch as many games as possible and root on their team but many struggle to pick the winners each week.

Football Practice – Pee Wee Coaching Practice Plan

When pee wee football leagues were first developed, coaches made players’ physical training the top priority of football practice. Their thinking was that young player needed to be in top condition in order to play well in the future. While being adequately fit to play the game is still important, coaches have now shifted their priority to making sure beginners have a basic understanding of the game. By successfully training young players in the fundamentals when practicing football, coaches can know that they will continue on with a solid foundation in the sport.

Penn State Football VS Nebraska Football – The Best Fans?

Are you a Penn State Football Fan? Or do your loyalties lie with Nebraska Football? These two teams will be meeting up starting in the 2011 college football season when Nebraska joins the Big 10 and while on the field analysis will be going on and on, I wanted to look at these two organizations from a different standpoint and see if I could answer the question. Who has the best football fans?

Welcome to the NFFL (National Flag Football League)

There seems to be a very controversial issue in the National Football League which concerns the amount of deadly hits by defensive players where players are hitting other players running down the field with their helmets aimed at someones head. All of sudden we have this info that if things continue this will be a record year for concussions, so to try to give a damn about their players, the NFL wants to apply new rules concerning the thing that makes defenses in the NFL famous. There is also an issue of the NFL selling photos of these so-called terrible hits.

How to Make Smart NFL Football Picks

Any football fan will tell you that they love to predict the outcome of a match but not all NFL fan is able to pick a football winner. Whether you want to improve your football picking skills to impress your friends, to take your local bookie to the bank or for your fantasy football league, this article will help you make smart NFL football picks.

Top 5 Arsenal Football Players – My View of the Best Ones

With Arsenal Being such a large club there are many debates on the “top players”. In this article we look at my top 5 Arsenal Players and the reasons why I think they are great.

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