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High School Football – The Basics and Some Do’s and Don’ts

This list outlines what I feel are the most important aspects of the high school football officials’ job on the field. As a varsity football crew it is imperative that everyone be on the same page so be sure to remember these rules.

Why Your Guy Loves Football – He Won’t Tell You – But We Will

Maybe if you understood why your guy loves football, his obsession wouldn’t drive you quite as crazy. In fact, play your cards right, and you may find out you can make his obsession work for you instead of against you.

A Football Equipment Guide

In the game of football, it is essential for players to receive proper training. If you (the player) want to excel, you must work with your coaches, not only on your training regimen, but also on what equipment is going to work best for you.

Football Performance – The Single Best Way For Football Players to Develop Explosiveness!

If you are a football player looking to step up your game then listen up. Permit yourself a minute to read and apply this single lift to make your best football workout routine even better!

Football Exercises – The Best 3 Exercises For Football Explosiveness!

If you are a serious football player then listen up! Permit yourself a minute to read and learn about the the 3 best kettlebell strength training exercises you must include into your program for hard hitting results!

College Football Week 2 – Ohio State and Notre Dame Both Lose Big Time Games, So What Else is New?

Only 7 teams remained on top at 2-0 and on track during the second week of the college football season. No. 1 Florida crushed Troy 56-6 behind Tim Tebow’s career-high 4 touchdown passes and a rushing touchdown.

Football Conditioning – The Single Best Exercise For Off-Season Football Conditioning!

Well I know that football season is here, but if you are a player looking to maintain your conditioning during the season or take it up a notch in the off season then check out this article. Read and apply the following single lift exercise that is one the best conditioning drills you can possibly do for your game!

Football Strength and Conditioning – The Best Football Strength and Conditioning Workouts Today!

If you are a serious football player looking to up your game then listen up. Permit yourself a minute to read the following article and learn about what strength and conditioning workout is surprisingly not implemented by many football programs and is one ingredient that you cannot ignore when it comes down to your training!

The Loneliness of Being a Football Widow – And What to Do About It

Football season is about to begin. Again. You both get chills. But for oh such different reasons.

List of Black Quarterbacks in the NFL

Despite the discrimination experienced by African Americans, they still exerted their effort to form part of the National Football League. Because of such determination, there are now a growing number of African American quarterbacks in the NFL. Some of the black quarterbacks that form part of the NFL history are Charlie Brackins, Fritz Pollard, and George Taliaferro.

Steve Sarkisian Puts the Washington Husky Football Program Back on Track to Succeed

In a scant 60 minutes, the University of Washington’s entire football program went from a lingering negative impact since the departure of legendary coach Don James in 1993, to a positive impact when the Huskies opened their 2009 season against No. 11-ranked Louisiana State University. Find out how it happened so quickly.

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