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Will 2009 Produce Golden Days For the Miami Dolphins?

The Miami Dolphins are coming off of a spectacular 2008 season that ended with an 11-5 record. This Florida team clinched the AFC Eastern division title over the New England Patriots with an outstanding performance in conference play.

Seattle Seahawks Eager to Notch Victories For Their Fans

The state of Washington is the home base for the Seattle Seahawks. This NFL team plays in the western division of the National Football Conference. The Seattle team is known for their ability to put on a stunning performance and it begins with their surprising entrance onto their home field.

Kansas City Chiefs Aim For a Playoff Bid in 2009

The 2008 football schedule ended for the Chiefs with a 2-14 record which placed them 4th in their conference division. Brodie Croyle, the quarterback of this young team, ended his season in only the 7th week with a new injury. This may have been the worst season for the team on record, but fans remained hopeful and enthusiastic.

Green Bay Packers – Will the 3-4 Line Up Be the Key?

The 2008 season may not have given the Green Bay Packers a ticket to the Super Bowl, but the team played with class and spirit during the entire season. The team has had some offsetting moments lately over quarterback woes, but managed to smooth enough ruffled feathers to at least appear cohesive to casual observers.

Detroit Lions Looking to the Future – Not the Past

The Detroit Lions football team is already looking forward and preparing to make amends in the fall of 2009. Fans stood behind their team last year and held firm through one of the worst seasons on record. The attitude of the Detroit team has always been one of strength against all adversity, and some new restructuring of the squad is set to make the players more cohesive than ever before.

Boltheads Love Their San Diego Chargers

The San Diego Chargers will open the season at Qualcomm Stadium. Although details about the new season are still being worked out there is already a great deal of anticipation electrifying the air. The buzz is highly positive about this team’s chance for a championship season. This has created an even more frenzied demand for San Diego Chargers tickets.

How to Attack a 2-3-2 Zone Defense in Flag Football

Beating a zone defense in flag football is easy if you know how. I will teach you a set of plays to dismantle a 2-3-2 zone defense in a 7 man league.

Learn About NFL Quarterbacks

Quarterbacks, also known as blocking backs make up part of the offensive team and line up behind the center of any American Football team. Quarterbacks are the leaders of the offensive team, and make most of the calls of play in the huddle and initiate the tactics to be used in any specific play. They are the leaders of all special plays and amend their tactics depending on the style of play be the defense.

Football Becomes Gender Neutral

The game of football has long been a source of contention among families. The standing jokes of the “man of the house” in a recliner with the remote yelling at the screen while the wife rolls her eyes in the kitchen as she prepares more food for all the “buddies”. A large number of women have taken to the sport, starting to watch the game fully armed with the knowledge of the rules and plays that accompany it.

Super Bowl – Did You Know

The ultimate achievement of any NFL team is reaching the Superbowl – held traditionally on a Sunday which has become known as Super Bowl Sunday. It has become one of the most viewed television events of the year with viewers tuning in from al over the world to see two of the years best teams battle it out for the championship and be awarded with the golden Super Bowl trophy (The Vince Lombardi Trophy).

New Twist on the Deer Hunter Game When Coaching Youth Football

As many of you know I’m a huge proponent of using unique movements and games to help me determine who should play what positions as well as help the athletic development and conditioning of my players. One of the best games for doing this is the Deer Hunter game. Last weekend at my Coaches Clinic in Boston, a youth coach that has used the “Winning Youth Football” system shared with me his twist on my version of this game.

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