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Ultimate Pre-Game Preparation – Part 2 – Composure, Focus and Intensity

Part 2 of Ultimate Pre-game Preparation discusses some key ways in which the athletes should prepare themselves to play at an optimal intensity level. To accomplish this, one of the first things we must develop is an understanding of why intensity, focus and motivation sometimes take a nose dive in certain games. The myriad of reasons why we play sports and relish competition lies deep within an emotional well commonly called ‘commitment,’ ‘drive,’ and ‘motivation.’

The Pre-Match Rituals of a Football Fan

Football fans can be odd creatures. I’m a football fan and although I think I’m perfectly normal, my missus would tell you otherwise! I have been obsessed with the game since I was a little boy, and although the game has changed in many ways over the last couple of decades, I will always be hooked.

College Football – 2008 AP Top 25 Poll Sports Trivia Makes Great Watering Hole Bets

During the pre-game activities and when the post-game festivities are just starting, nothing stirs up interest like a good sports trivia question, and money exchanging hands over who has the right answer. Here are some great trivia questions about the AP Top 25 Poll that featured the 2008 college football season. Besides myself, only a detail person and a statistics fanatic who would painstakingly chart the entire 15-week season could figure out the correct answers to all of these questions.

Football Preparations – Things You Should Know Before You Hit the Battlefield

We all have dreams. For those who aspire to be football players, they have to understand the commitment involved. They should not only work hard to become better athletes, they have to look after their safety as well.

The Battle to the Super Bowl – Fumbles, Sacks, Penalties and All

What separates the teams that make the Super Bowl from the ones that cannot reach this game? It is basically a combination of strategy, talent, heart, desire, and some luck.

Football Speed Training – Acceleration

Football speed training is taking on more important role in football training; becoming king in football. It has become just as important as the weight lifting programs. Coaches and players alike recognize they need power to be faster and the need to incorporate football speed training in their football training regimens, whether it is in season or off season, learning how to run quicker and have explosive acceleration has become important to the game of football.

Corner Backs – How to Read the Three-Step Drop

As a corner back you are lined up with the receivers and need to cover the receiver while trying to read the offensive play. It is important that you be able to read the drops a quarterback uses, to know what direction the play is going.

Quarterback’s Five-Step Drop

Quarterbacks’ five-step drop is similar to the three-step drop but does have two extra steps and offers more options. The five-step drop is used for slower developing plays, with the receivers running deeper routes. Routes requiring the quarterback to take a five-step drop, giving the play time to develop.

Strongman Training Vs Power Cleans For Football

Train like the World’s Strongest Men! Not only are Strongmen great examples of brute strength, they are also well conditioned, and possess great speed and power. Strongman exercises build functional strength, speed, power and most importantly ATTITUDE! Besides the performance benefits of flipping tires and loading sandbags, Strongman training is FUN and easy to teach.

Quarterback’s Three-Step Drop

The three-step drops for quarterbacks are for quick hitting pass plays. These plays are usually high percentage plays that are commonly called timing routes. Using a quick three-step drop; quarterbacks deliver the ball quickly in what is also called a hit and throw technique.

NFL Draft Shockers

Every year, there are big surprises when pro football teams pick their new crop of college stars. Here’s what might happen this time around.

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