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College Football Week 12 – Ohio State and Oregon Earn Big Victories With Big Implications

In a great example of too little too late, there were 4 upsets of AP Top 25 teams in college football’s 12th week and none of them had any real impact. On the other hand, two favorites won big time road games with big implications as Ohio State buried Michigan 21-10, and Oregon held off a very pesky Arizona team, 44-41. Read the full story.

High School Football Recruiting – 5 Keys to Being Recruited For Football Scholarships

Are you a student-athlete looking to learn more about high school football recruiting? More importantly, are you looking learn how you can finally get noticed by college coaches, get recruited, and ultimately receive offers to play in college? If so, this article can help you get on the path to playing at the next level.

Good Call, Bad Call?

Did Belichick make the right call? What would you have done?

The Top 5 Things You Need For Your Tailgate Party Kit – Besides Beer

Tailgating is a favorite pastime of many weekend warriors. The tradition is set in stadium parking lots across the country and sets the stage for good times with good friends. As part of that tradition, there are several things that should be part of your tailgate party kit. Beer and other liquor is a given for each weekend bash. There are other items you need to round out the list of items necessary for a successful party.

College Football Recruit – 4 Steps to Take If You Are Being Recruited For College Football

If you find yourself as a college football recruit and you are not quite sure what to do next, this article can help. Being recruited to play football at the college level is a great accomplishment, but you have to make sure you do all the right things to keep coaches interested in signing you.

Why Alabama is Called the Crimson Tide

Their name is the crimson Tide, yet you can’t really connect the University of Alabama’s sports teams with any body of water. Even more, their mascot is an elephant. So how did they come to be called the Alabama Crimson Tide? Here is a brief yet colorful history on the team’s name.

Belichick’s 4th Down Decision

I just can’t resist I have to give my thoughts on the recent Bill Belichick call during the Patriots and Colts game. First of all I am from Saint Louis and if you know anything about football history you know that Bill Belichick and Rams fans have a history of bad blood, see 2001 Super Bowl and Spygate. I thought it was a good call, in fact refreshing to see a coach go for it on 4th down with the game on the line.

Michael Crabtree and His Deal With the 49ers

Well, it took long enough. After months of arguing and posturing, wide receiver Michael Crabtree has ended his holdout and signed with the San Francisco 49ers.

Donavan Mcnabb Will Play Against the Bucs

Donovan McNabb of the Philadelphia Eagles will play against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This will be his first action since breaking his rib in the first game of the season.

College Football Storylines – Week 6

College football is an exciting game. Every week there are amazing victories, unthinkable defeats, and brand new storylines that seem to get better and better.

Why Tom Brady is the Best NFL Player

Tom Brady has won 3 Super Bowls this decade. He is the reason the Patriots are always near the top of the standings.

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