The 17 year old who made the 200m final – Erriyon Knighton 😎 #Shorts

Football – The Best Sport in America

Baseball may have been America’s past time, but football is here to take over as the best sport ever. When I say football I am talking about the grid iron sport. Not soccer. So let me explain why everyone should watch football.

How to Get a Deal on a Tebow Broncos Jersey – 3 Top Tips For Buying a Cheap Tebow Bronco Jersey

He’s on his way! The finest collegiate football player–ever!–has graduated from Florida and is beginning his career as a Denver Bronco in the NFL.

Ten Top Tips For Getting Football Autographs

Collecting football autographs is a great pastime for a football fan and it can also be a great investment if you decide to sell on your collection for a profit. Nowadays the sport memorabilia industry is big bucks and as more and more fraudsters try to rip off genuine collectors it is important to have your wits about you when buying and selling memorabilia. If you are new to collecting football autographs or just need reminding the best way to collect, here are a few key points to bear in mind when adding to or starting up a collection.

Nine Interesting Facts About Jacksonville Jaguars Quarterbacks

When the Jacksonville Jaguars joined the National Football League in 1995, a whole lot of excitement was generated, especially in the Jacksonville area. Since that time they have had up and down seasons and benefited from the play of some great players…

NFL Fan Clothing For the Ladies

The NFL is one of the most exciting leagues in the country and there is a variety of NFL fan clothing that ladies can get when they go to the games. This is the best way to show the men that you are also part of the team when you are in the stands. Gone are the days when ladies had to settle for oversize shirts and jerseys borrowed from their brothers, husbands and boyfriends when they go out to watch a game.

Competition in Youth Football – Who Are We Really Competing Against?

How do we get the best out of our players and youth football teams? While score is kept for a reason, how good is our team going to get when we measure ourselves only against other teams?

Passing Catching Tips For Youth Football

Are you having problems with dropped balls by your recievers? You might want to consider using a different approach to teaching your players how to catch the ball.

St Louis Rams Sign Oshiomogho Atogwe

Wednesday the St. Louis Rams signed safety Oshiomogho Atogwe to a multi-year contract, reportedly 5 years. The terms of the deal have not yet been released but reports say OJ will earn five million plus per year. Atogwe has been on the Rams for five years now, and has been the starting safety for the last four.

6 Tips For Fun at NFL Training Camp

There is no more fun and economical family summer vacation than a visit to NFL training camp. The events are family friendly, cheap, and offer football fans of all ages the chance to see their larger than life heroes up close. Our 6 tips will help you get the most out of your visit to the NFL’s training camp.

Bottoms Up – How to Buy Football Cleats, Part 5 – Playing Surface – Synthetic Turf

In this series, we’ll take you step by step through the process of determining the best cleats for you. We will describe personas for different athletes who might be just like you.

Quarterbacks Who Led the NFL in Touchdown Passes in Consecutive Years

Only 11 different quarterbacks in history have led the league in touchdown passes in consecutive years. This article details who they were, what team they played for when they did it, and when they accomplished the feat.

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