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Where Football Season Never Ends

It is true of course, that in the South football season just never seems to end. For a while there are no games, but that doesn’t mean the season is over. It just moves from games to recruiting to practice to predictions to games again.

A Guide Booklet to Buy NFL Jerseys

You may be a traditional fan of NFL and you may even be up to date in the game statistics, however, there are certain aspects that you need to know and keep in mind while you go in for NFL jerseys to just support your team or to gift it to your loved ones. So, this is article is nothing but a set of guidelines that can make your shopping experience a smooth one.

The Buffalo Bills – The First Decade

The history of the Buffalo Bills, one of the charter members of the American Football League, is long and fascinating. This articles takes a brief look at the team’s first decade in football.

The Winningest Quarterbacks in New England Patriots History

The New England Patriots are one of the more successful teams in the National Football League. Much of that team success though has come during the last two decades. Before that, there were some up and down years in the history of the franchise.

What Are the Three Main Areas to Drill Your Quarterback?

There are three main areas of quarterback drills that need to be practiced on a regular basis in order to help develop the best quarterback possible. These three areas must be drilled no matter what style of offense you are planning to use for your upcoming football season.

2010 NFL Predictions

The St. Louis Rams not only finished last in the NFC West but the Rams were the worst team on NFL Picks in 2009. The Rams finished 7-9 against the spread, going over the betting odds total 7 times and under 9 times. The Rams finished last in just about every category in 2009 on both sides of the football.

Get a Texans Tickets Package For the Entire Season

Get ready to see an amazing event in the stadium again as the new season of the National Football League will start and people will see more surprises in the field. One thing they will watch out for is the rookie players of the Houston Texans that will surely give a fresh and more action field performance in the field.

Tim Tebow’s Nike 2.1 Trainer Shoe Deal

Some critics believe Nike’s special edition Tim Tebow branded shoe is being released too soon. Others point out there’s nothing really surprising about it.

How to Succeed in College Football Betting

When it comes to sports that most bettors have a preference for, college football is undeniably placed on the uppermost part of the list. Most gamblers like this better as compared to National Football League. This is for the reason that college football is far more massive than NFL, attracting more gambling enthusiasts with its 117 division teams.

Football Power Workout – A Single Lift to Drastically Improve Your Football Playing Strength!

Are you a football player looking to drastically improve your football fitness and overall performance? If so then permit yourself a minute to read this article and apply the following lift to your football workouts to make them a power workout!

2010 NFL Predictions – Seattle Seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks finished 5-11 on NFL Picks in 2009-10, 3rd place in the NFC West division, 6-6 against the spread, going over the football odds total only 7 times and under 9 times. The Seattle offense only scored 17.5 points per game, good for 25th in the league, the teams averaged 316.8 total yards per contest and that raked 21st in the NFL, the rushing offense ranked 26th with a 97.9 average per game and the passing offense was 15th in the league averaging 218.9 yards per game.

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