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NFL Preview – Here Comes the Seahawks – Stumbling and Bumbling Into Holmgren’s Last Year

Just when Seattle’s Mike Holmgren is entering his last year as head coach, his Seahawks are now stumbling and bumbling their way into what appears to be a Larry, Mo and Curly comedy routine. After dusting off the Minnesota Vikings 34-17 in their first 2008 preseason game on the road in Minneapolis, the Seahawks narrowly escaped defeat in their home preseason opener against the Chicago Bears, winning 29-26 in an error-prone display of ineptness. For the Seahawks’ faithful, it was no laughing matter.

Best Way to Watch Live NFL Football Online

There is more than one way people can watch live NFL football online. It depends on where you live and how much money you have that will determine your best course of action. It also depends on why you want to watch live NFL football online.

Youth Football Practice, Your Fourth Practice of the 2008 Season

Coaching Youth Football? What should you be doing in your fourth practice of the season?

Youth Football – Your Fifth Football Practice of the Season

Coaching youth football this season? This is what we are doing in our fifth football practice of the 2008 season.

Youth Football – The First Scrimmage of the 2008 Season

Are you coaching youth football this season and have a scrimmage planned? This format works great.

Football Fans Wearing NFL Jerseys, Helmets and Body Paint – Crazy, Or a Good Idea?

Is it just NFL fans being fanatical, or does dressing for football-watching have a deeper cultural significance? Awwww, come on: are we serious?

Steelers Look Good in Their 1st Preseason Game

The Steelers first preseason game was against the Eagles on August 8th, 2008 at Heinz Field. I have been waiting patiently for this game so that I could see our rookie draft picks in action. I was pleased with the Steelers draft but now I want to see Mendenhall, Sweed, and Dixon in action.

Can the Pittsburgh Steelers Pull it Off This Time?

It’s no secret that the Pittsburgh Steelers have a big reputation to live up to. Not only are they the oldest team in the American Football Conference, they also have the most champion wins. They’ve played in no less than six Super Bowls and have won the Super Bowl not once but five times!

The Offensive Line, No Worries

Going into training camp every column I read by knowledgeable, and some semi-stupid, sports writers had the Steelers o-line as the biggest concern for 2008. I pondered on this for a while and when I had half a migraine I decided I’m just not buying it. The loss of Alan Faneca will impact the run game to a degree but only for the start of the season.

Myron Cope

Myron is as much a part of Steelers lore as any player or coach. He provided the soundtrack to the dynasty of the 70’s that still resonates in Pittsburgh. I remember my mom telling me the story of the terrible towel’s inception.

Passing in the Single Wing Offense

The next statements are the single most important factors in the success of your passing game. Develop, practice, then master protection schemes for each drop and sprint series. Linemen are the key to your team’s success.

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