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Tailgate Parties – The Ultimate College Football Experience

Tailgate parties are one of the most commonly enjoyed pastimes while attending football games. This is especially true with college games. Entire campuses and even entire towns or regions get shutdown by huge parties, festivals and celebrations. Football games are fun enough on their own, but when you add in the extra excitement of tailgate parties you have a great combination that people have enjoyed since the inception and rise in popularity of college football.

Sam Bradford – Cherokee Nation Heisman Winner

Sam Bradford, Cherokee Nation member, is another tribal member to be a starting quarterback for a Division 1 college football team and the tribe’s first Heisman trophy winner. There is no doubt that the Cherokee Nation has taken Bradford under their wing as a role model for their tribe.

Independence Bowl History – Past Winners & Facts of the Now Advocare V 100 Independence Bowl

Since the initial Bowl game in 1976, it produced 33 winning teams and every team has a Special story to share, a story of sportsmanship and bravery. Check out these cool Independence Bowl historic moments.

Top 3 College Football Teams

Based on their history, performance record and current form, following are the top 3 college football teams. University of Florida is represented by Florida Gators football team in the Eastern Division of Southeastern Conference. The home games are hosted on Florida Field at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium also commonly known as “The Swamp”. 2009 will the 5th season for the team under the coach Urban Meyer.

2009 NFL Sleepers Team

As the NFL season draws closer so does the talk about the top 2009 NFL Sleepers Team picks up. Some of the important changes have been witnessed during the off season; new trades have been made, players inducted, legal issues plaguing the players, and recovering players join the teams.

Coaching Youth Football – Use Email and the Website to Update Practice Changes Due to Weather

When coaching youth football it is a good idea to have a plan in place for emergency cancellations of practice. Since we are in the computer age, this should be your obvious choice. Our administration has a coaches and team section where each coach can post his own notes. I brainwash my parents to check the web site daily to make sure there are no changes in the practice.

Coaching Youth Football – Homecoming Or Rally Night For Youth Football

I hate homecoming games for youth football. My record with the last five teams I have coached is 1-4. What is the purpose of a “homecoming”? I believe it is for prior players and families to come back and support the team.

Coaching Youth Football – Zero Tolerance Policy

I believe in adopting a zero tolerance policy for bad behavior for the youth football team you are coaching. I am writing in the parent section of the book so let me explain what I mean be zero tolerance.

Puma Football Kits Outsell Nike & Adidas at World Cup

Find out how Puma has broken the dominance of the big players and established themselves as a major sports brand. We also take a look at the key success factors such as the style of football shirt printing, which has a huge impact on the volume of soccer jerseys and replica kits that the major brands sell at the tournaments.

Youth Football Drills That Can Be Practiced Alone

When you have a passion for something, you want to pursue it at every available moment. Whether you’re a football coach looking for some practice strategies to assign to your players, a parent looking to give your kid a step up, or a player who loves the game and wants to improve, we’ve come up with some youth football drills that can be practiced alone. Every youth football player should learn to throw and catch the ball properly even if their position doesn’t require it on a regular basis.

Dealing With Youth Football Coaching Politics

Coaching Youth Football? Politics unfortunately are almost always at work. Here is what you can expect and maybe how to deal with said silliness.

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