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UNC Football: Tar Heel Fans Should Listen to Ryan Switzer

This week Ryan Switzer took a proactive approach to say in a polite way if you desire to watch a big time program then you need to have your butt in the seats. Inside Carolina received a letter from sophomore wide receiver and special teams star Ryan Switzer. What I like about this letter is how Switzer spelled out the hard work the team is doing behind the scenes to put the best product on the field plus he takes ownership and taps into how fans felt with the loss to ECU.

Luis Suarez to Join Barcelona, Arsenal Sign Alexis Sanchez

Liverpool have agreed a fee with Barcelona for the transfer of Luis Suarez of around 75million pounds. Arsenal have completed the signing of Alexis Sanchez from Barcelona for a fee around 35million pounds.

The NFL Draft Is Just a Weigh Station

People tend to think that getting picked high in the draft, making a lot of money, and being famous will make them happy. The one thing all of these have in common is that they are result oriented. In my experience I have found that people who are result oriented are more likely to be unhappy and have shorter and less distinguished careers, regardless of their chosen field.

Four Teams That Have the Potential to Go From No Playoffs in 2013 to Super Bowl Contenders in 2014

All four of these ball clubs something in common. They came up just a few games or even when victory short of making the postseason last year. This season all of them will be locked and loaded for a playoff or even possible Super Bowl run.

How I Became A Football Manager With No Previous Experience

I was always the last player to be picked for football as a child, so I never considered myself a good footballer. I dabbled in amateur football when I was in my late teens, but a spate of unfortunate injuries including two broken wrists, a compound break to my arm and a sprained ankle saw me leave football and try other activities. Yet I still managed to become a football manager and you can too. Find out how in this article.

The Benefits of Using Soccer Software by the Coaches

In recent times, various kinds of soccer software are being used by coaches to demonstrate soccer training drills to their team players more effectively and methodically. Soccer software refers to a set of highly organized and refined soccer programs that are designed by knowledgeable and expert soccer administrators.

The Art of Saving Penalty Kicks – Where Should a Goalkeeper Be Looking?

As a former international goalkeeper myself, my Bachelor of Science project in Psychology and Sport and Exercise Science focused on an issue that is highly relevant in the current sporting world: how can a goalkeeper improve their chances of saving penalty kicks? This article discusses the primary research undertaken using eye-tracking technology.

Inviting Knockoffs To The Tailgate Party

What’s in a name? For the Washington Redskins, 81 years of brand equity that the government sought to trash in five minutes.

World Cup 2014 at Porto Alegre

Porto Alegre, the capital of Rio Grande do Sul situated at the southern tip of Brazil, is all set to host five games in the FIFA World Cup. It was founded in 1742 by immigrants from the Azores, a Portuguese archipelago. Porto Alegre is situated on the eastern banks of the Guaíba River, at the point of convergence of five other rivers. It is a populous city, with close to 4 million inhabitants, but is known to be one of the greenest cities in Brazil. It also has highest human development index figures in the whole c of Brazil.

Knee Braces for Football – Do You Need to Wear Them?

You see the professional and college football players wearing them following an ACL tear or collateral ligament sprain. Knee braces are becoming an acceptable form of protection and support as a prophylactic support to prevent or reduce the most common type of football injuries. Should you wear a knee brace during football? That is what we will try to examine in this article.

Is It Safe to Buy Knee Braces Online?

As the healthcare industry changes, so does reimbursement for durable medical equipment. Knee Braces and knee supports are products that are being increasingly excluded as part of insurance reform. Patient’s, doctors and health clinics are looking for alternative sources for these knee protective devices. Is it safe to buy a knee brace online?

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