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Taekwondo Olympic Primer

A primer on the Olympic sport of Taekwondo. The basics of the sport, overview of rules, and history at the Olympic Games.

London 2012 Olympics: Rwanda, An Unforgettable Olympic Country

Sport is not a name associated with Rwanda, but by July 1996, the then war-torn nation (through the 70s, known as the “Switzerland of Africa” due to its extraordinary landscapes with lakes, rivers, and high mountains) made international headlines when it was represented by four athletes at the Atlanta Centennial Games. It was a memorable moment when Rwanda’s national contingent entered the Stadium, while behind them had a tiny country devastated by genocidal wars, killing fields, corruption, rapes, poverty, and killing of gorillas (the country’s national symbol). During the 1990-1996 civil conflict, over one million people were slaughtered.

Olympic Triathlon As A High-Profile Event

The triathlon is a 3-event sport. It is one of Olympics’ most-awaited events. What challenges do the athletes surpass in a modern triathlon?

New Research Shows How 160 Top Athletes Build Self Confidence, Focus And Stay In The Zone

How do elite athletes get mentally tough prior to a big event? What strategies do they use to build confidence and focus? New research based on interviews with one hundred and sixty athletes sheds light on nine peak performance tips and strategies.

Jim Thorpe, America’s First Multi Sport Athlete, Olympian, NFL Star, Major League Baseball

Before Bo Jackson, and Deion Sanders Jim Thorpe was starring in track and field, the Olympics, the NFL, and MLB. Thorpe was the fit multi sport hero in America.

The 5 Biggest Rivalries in Olympic History

The Olympic Games have been said to be about many things – teamwork, determination, courage – but one thing cannot be denied: at the heart of it all is competition and rivalry. Even from the same team, there are rivals. In the end, each athlete is looking for only one thing: to be the best.

2012 Olympics – How Will It Impact Croydon?

With less than a year to go until the greatest sporting event on earth arrives in the capital, Croydon is in danger of becoming a cultural wasteland as there are no planned Olympic events taking place here. You would expect Croydon, having one of the biggest populations just outside of London, to be having a significant role in the 2012 Olympic Games.

The Olympic Games Trivia To Start A Conversation

The Olympic Games is here again and just like any great events in modern times, it comes with three inevitable things: sponsorships, rivalry and trivia. You probably don’t need stories behind sponsorships and rivalries are best discussed over beer. But trivia! Who does not love a dose of trivia?

The Olympic Games And London, A Timeline of the Drama

In a few months, the torch of the Olympic Games will signal the opening of the greatest games on Earth and athletes from all over the world will compete to be “faster, higher, stronger” than the rest. London is the first city to host the Games three times in the modern era and how it got the third time is worth noting.

China at Olympics or “China’s Olympics”

China’s performance at Olympics has been eye-catching to say the least. How has China mad such significant strides in Olympic Games? Read on…

Looking to Attend the London 2012 Olympics? Then It’s Advised to Apply for Your UK Visa Now

A number of UK Embassies across the world are urging the nations that they represent to apply now for their UK Visa if they are hoping to make it to the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games. In a bid to deal with the expected influx of people set to arrive on British shores this summer, UK Immigration has already begun processing UK Visa applications to meet the increasing demand.

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