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All About How the Beijing Olympic Medals Are Actually Made

All the Olympic medals are actually struck by a process basically the same as modern coins. The medal design selected for the Beijing Olympic Games was simple but elegant and attractive. The medals represent a blend of traditional Chinese culture and the ideals of the Olympic movement.

Leave China Alone!

Many Americans have trouble celebrating China’s Olympics. They worry about China’s influence, military, economy and human rights record. We should be concerned about our not effectively competing with China in the Olympics as well as economically.

5 Players to Watch at Beijing

The Olympic Games get under way this week in Beijing and it will be a showcase for up-and-coming talents. Although the likes of Brazil’s Ronaldinho and Argentina’s Juan Roman Riquelme are available, but it’s the young talents who are in the spotlight. Beijing 2008 touts as one of the best line-ups in its 100-year history.

Olympics – The Paralympics and the Special Olympics

Excitement builds as the date fast approaches for any Olympic event. The drama of watching highly trained and determined individuals strive for greater physical achievement is riveting We understand that the road to the Olympics has meant great discipline and sacrifice for these athletes. But for each one of them it has been worth it to participate with the best in the world.

Opening Ceremony of Beijing Olympic Games Tells the Facts of Chinese Culture

On Aug. 9 2008, the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games on Friday evening was highly appreciated here with the international media describing it as “impeccable and hallucinating”, “a masterstroke” which attracted the eyes of the world before televisions. The opening ceremony, called ‘One world, one dream’ declared that the Beijing Olympic Games began successfully. It was far from a test, it was a masterstroke, it was without limit, impeccable and hallucinating, which tells the facts of Chinese Culture.

Olympic Medal Tally 2008

Can we predict the outcome of the Olympic tally? This article shows the ebbs and flows in the Olympic medal tally over the years. Can China beat the U.S.A?

Architecture at the Beijing Olympics

With the Olympics being held in Beijing this year Westerners have seen a fierce change of architecture. New additions to the skyline include a new air terminal by Norman Foster, Herzog & de Meuron’s National Stadium aka the bird’s nest, PTW’s National Aquatics Center with a translucent exterior, Paul Andreu’s egg-shaped National Theater and Rem Koolhaas’ CCTV headquarters with its interconnected slanting forms.

Olympic Companion

Actions, great moves, spectacular performances, the trail, struggles, victories, tears, joy, and cheering of fans, characterize the Olympic game. The Olympic Games is full with great moments and moves, as one of the most watched sporting event it generate some of the most drastic images of athletic competition. If you are a fan of the 2008 Olympic Games, then ….

The Beijing 2008 Olympics – The First Ever That Got Me Hooked

The Olympics are a marvelous opportunity to watch unusual sports like archery and synchronized diving. I watched with my partner, just because it was on TV, and then I was hooked for the rest of it. Of course, your interest may be in watching all those gorgeous toned bodies… Or you may not even have a TV and decided not to watch it this time. Still, you can always watch it online.

Michael Phelps – 8 Gold Medal Olympic Record

The Olympics is primarily a team event, however every once in a while there comes along an amazing individual story. Michael Phelps has perhaps the best individual story of this year’s event. He has the opportunity to win 8 gold medals at the games in China, and so far it doesn’t look like anyone can stop him.

Opening of the Beijing Olympics – A Thirst For Peace First

The most magical moment of the spectacular and intensively choreographed opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics was the spontaneous reaction of Chinese spectators to the dove of peace dance. Delightedly copying the dancers’ fluttering movements, they can have left no viewer in doubt that — for the Chinese people, as represented by those caught on screen then — peace, harmony and the joy of peace and harmony and fellowship with others are what they intensely desire.

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