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Football Tailgating – 4 Handy Tips in Tailgating

As tailgating continues to be the number 1 sport of loyal football fans we would like to give our top tips in tailgating. Our hope is to help your next tailgating experience bring you all the fun that you are expecting. These tips are meant to save you time and money in your tailgating experiences.

Basic Skills For Football Defensive Ends

The defensive ends are positioned on the ends of the center group of the defending teams line of scrimmage. Their responsibility is to break through the offensive line in order to tackle the quarter back when he is planning to pass. There are many basic skills that a defensive end will need to grow. This article only points out three: Endurance, Strength, and Strategy.

Football Tailgating and Meat – Which Came First the Brat Or the Tailgater?

Though we might never know the first occurrence of either the historic “first tailgate” or when it was joined by its faithful friend the brat, this article’s intent is to shed some light on tailgating history and some of its peculiar traditions. Though hard to tell, I would dare say that the first recorded tailgate party probably had its occurrence in the early Roman times.

Tailgating – The 5 Golden Rules of Tailgating

Tailgating is a wonderful time to share your fan loyalty, stories of the good ol’ days, and great food. As not all tailgating parties are created equal we would like to share the 5 golden rules of tailgating.

Football Team Practice – Getting the Most Out of Your Football Practice

Over the years I have seen my share of practices both good and bad. It is always a wonder that both adults and teenagers can to spend so much time in a practice and nothing is really helped. Other times, with focus and effort, a small team can defeat even seasoned veterans due to the effectiveness of the practices.

High School Football – Setting Goals For Your Child

Especially if you are in the south where some high school football programs are as big as a small college. A new season is a great time to talk about goals for your sons starting the new season.

Increase Your Athletic Potential As a Football Player – Build Strength, Power, Speed, and Agility

Football is an “open-skill” sport, meaning that the athlete needs to react to different situations quickly and efficiently throughout the competition. If you are looking for ways to improve your skill, performance and athletic ability there are four areas of training that will help you achieve this goal. They are Strength training, Power training, Speed training, and Agility training.

The Who, What, When, Where and Why of Watching Professional (American) Football

Today, I’m going to discuss the 5 W’s, or in other words, the who, what, when, where and why of watching professional football. Many of you already know the answer, but many of you don’t. So, for those of you looking for answers, this one’s for you!

What Would Butkus Do?

One thing is for sure: He wouldn’t have helped that guy back up off the ground! Over the past few decades, sports in general have changed. I’m not talking about hormone shots designed for race horses instead being administered to your team’s left fielder, I’m speaking more to an overall attitude.

Why Doesn’t College Football Listen to 94% of Their Fans?

In the last major survey I saw 94% of the fans said they wanted a playoff system in NCAA Division College Football and only 6% said that they liked the current BCS Bowl Championships Series. About a week after the survey, the BCS announced that we are stuck with their unappealing, moronic, illogical, anti-fan system until at least the year 2014. Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t the BCS and College Football exist because of the money they make off their fans?

How American Football Got Started

The objective of a football game is to advance the ball and score points into the other teams end zone. The football can be advanced by throwing it to another player which is known as a passing play or carrying it which is known as a running play.

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