Ray Lewis on Julian Edelman’s $100k Patriots-Bucs Super Bowl Matchup Bet | CBS Sports HQ

Florida Gators 2008 Review

The Florida Gators are the number one football team in the Nation in my opinion. If you want to know why, I can give you details all night on why the Gators are number one. They have the best offense in the country, and already started 2 games this year and winning both of them by a huge spread.

Is Eastern Carolina the Next Big Thing?

Have you noticed the newest and improved college football team… Eastern Carolina? They have shocked America! The first week they faced the Virginia Tech Hokies and beat them from a blocked punt that led them to a impressive upset victory that the crowd just went wild over.

Daunte Culpepper Finally Retires

After 9 hard fought years, Daunte Culpepper announces that he is now retired. Culpepper is former teammates with Randy moss, they had it all in Minnesota but not the best relationship.

Is the NFL Too Hard on Players Celebrations?

In this day and age, the NFL is cracking down on celebrations like never before. Whether you love them or hate them, players celebrating is just a part of the game and has always been that way.

How Will the Patriots Land?

The New England Patriots are probably the nations best NFL team, even though I hate to say it because most people do dislike the pats, which I agree on that but you do have to give them credit for being a real good football team. Something terrible has just happened though.

Titans in 2008?

The Tennessee Titans kicked off their first football game of the 2008 opener against the Jacksonville jaguars. The Titans have some really young players that can come in and do some extremely large damage to their opponents.

Denver Broncos Had a Great Season Opener

Unfortunately I was on a road trip last Sunday for week one of NFL. I then almost completely missed the famous Monday Night Football. Luckily, I found the Denver Broncos versus Oakland Raiders game on ESPN at the beginning of the second half.

2008-2009 NCAA Football Final Top 10 Predictions

1. Ohio State – I’m an avid Michigan fan but have to admit returning 18 starters from a already solid 2 year run is pretty tough to beat. The talent at OSU is at or above every elite level program in the country for this season and this should finally be there year.

High School Football Goals – How to Set a Goal For Your Self

Football is a challenging sport because of the athletic talent needed and the competitiveness involved. If you are interested in either starting your first football season or training for next year you are going to want to set some goals.

Football Tailgating Parties – 5 Items That You Don’t Want to Forget

Instead of doing the usual article of “this is what you need” we have decided to cover some essential items that you don’t want to leave at home. So break out your note pads let’s get ready to plan.

Youth Football Team Struggling For Funds? Try Community Sponsorships

Creating a youth football organization or team can run into some unusual challenges: where to play, how to get people to join the program, community involvement, funding etc. One strategy in overcoming multiple challenges is to gather local community sponsors. This article’s intention is to give a couple pointers in extending invitations and garnering relationships with potential sponsors.

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