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The Downside of an NFL Press Conference

Are you a diehard NFL fan? The best part of any game is watching the unfolding of a coach’s game plan. It’s all about the ability to execute a strategy. As great as the NFL is, there is a downside. Have you ever watched a press conference? They give us information we already know which is virtually useless. Read on and see if you agree.

For the Michigan State Spartans, 7 Has Become a Very Uncomfortable Number

In all 6 of their losses last year, the Michigan State Spartans’ margin of defeat was only 7 points or less. In their opener on the road at California this year, they lost 38-31 and their margin of defeat was again 7 points or less. It is difficult to win games when you are spotting your opponent 5 touchdowns a game. Read why Michigan State is in neutral gear.

Youth Football Practice Number 11

This is our last practice before our game this weekend. While I’m a fan of the Saturday morning walk through, we won’t be doing any more of those this season. We have been able do much of that done on Thursday practice.

Youth Football Practice Number 10

Knee deep into coaching youth football? This is what we did for practice number 10.

Youth Football – Getting Your Offensive Linemen to Get the Lead Out

Tired of your offensive linemen not firing off the ball? 3 Quick Steps to solving your problem.

College Football – No 24 Alabama Stuns No 9 Clemson, East Carolina Upsets No 17 Virginia Tech

After a topsy-turvy 2007 college football season full of surprises, the 2008 college football season opened like business as usual. No less than 20 teams among the AP’s Top 25 Preseason Poll won their opener. Alabama and Missouri won big and Clemson and Illinois didn’t. Read the full article.

New Rules For the NFL

In late March, some NFL rules were changed and adopted by NFL owners at the NFL Annual Meeting. Here are some of the new changes: Defensive helmet radios will now be allowed for one defensive player on the field. The radio will be in his helmet so that he has the same communication ability as the offense.

Buffalo Bills NFL Kuwait Connection

The Buffalo Bills last Pre-Season Game turned out to have a special twist to it. Gibran Hamdan went 18 for 26 with 158 yards in a Bills 14-6 loss. He also had two carries for 26 yards. I thought he looked like an NFL ready quarterback with a quick release and coolness under fire. Sure, it was only pre-season and when the real heat turns on he may need a little more seasoning. The real football story on Hamdan may come in the future and today’s story may be a highlight of the American Dream. In this day of war and prejudice, it’s hard to believe the NFL has a story like Gibran Hamdan.

Great Shopping Experiences at Football Kit Shops

Football is one of the most played games in the world and people all over the world call it “association football.” The football kit plays a role of paramount importance when one intends to play this game. It is commonly said that the team’s success depends considerably upon the quality of their football kits because it has a deep impact on the players’ efficiency.

Top 10 All-Time NFL RBs

Only one current running back – LaDainian Tomlinson – merits being named one of the NFL’s all-time 10 best, and only one other guy who has played in the 21st century – Emmitt Smith – makes the list. Does that mean today’s RBs are worse than before? No, but times have changed … there are two reasons why the old-timers dominate this ranking.

Top 10 All-Time NFL WRs

Sorry, Randy Moss, despite your great performances last year, you’re only the second-best NFL wide receiver of all time. Jerry Rice is still tops.

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