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Quarterback and Wide Receiver Sideline Drill

Is there anything in sports as pretty as a wide receiver snatching a football out of the air and toe tapping both feet in bounds? I know that I don’t think so. This is not a routine catch, but it must be practiced in order to have it work and hopefully look graceful and effortless.

It is Not The End of the World – Yet!

So everyone is worried about the effect of the uncapped year on the NFL. I am going to make a wild and crazy prediction now: No one will notice.

2010 Free Agents – Offensive Linemen

This article concerns the 2010 NFL Free Agent Offensive Linemen. This article will give insight into where players might end up and how it will affect teams.

2010 Free Agents – Wide Receivers

This article concerns the 2010 NFL Free Agent Wide Receivers. This article will give insight into where players might end up and how it will affect teams.

2010 Free Agent Defensive Backs

OK, so if your team is in need of a good cornerback, you are looking in the WRONG place!!! There is little to no help to be found in this free agent class. A lot of has been and never was. Here are the limited highlights.

Blocking Fundamentals

Probably the single most important group on your football team is the offensive linemen. Without a solid offensive line the team will struggle to move the football regardless of how outstanding your athletes are. As the players get older and elevate to each level, the offensive linemen become a very important part of your football team.

2009 Season in Review – Week Six

If you were starting to feel good about the play of the Eagles with their 3-1 record, we were brought back to reality real quick when the team traveled out to Oakland. Not including the two Dallas games at the end of the year, this had to be the most frustrating game to watch all season. The Raiders came in with a 1-3 record and everyone figured it would be an easy trip out to the west coast. Boy, were we wrong.

How to Tackle Someone Correctly in Football

After watching a variety of different football teams playing I have come to a conclusion, that there a variety of players that do not know the proper way of tackling a ball carrier. Today I will teach you the seven steps needed to correctly tackle a person that is running with the football. Tackling ball carrier can be fun as long as you know the correct way to tackle.

LT Done in San Diego, Where Should He Go Next?

LaDainian Tomlinson was released from the San Diego Chargers. Rumors have already started to come out where he might end up, and this will discuss where he should go.

Should the Eagles Pursue Julius Peppers?

This is a very hot topic right now. Julius Peppers is set to hit the free agency market and will be the biggest name on the market this year.

The Saints’ Super Bowl Victory

On February 7, 2010, the New Orleans Saints won Super Bowl 44, which was the first such victory in the history of the franchise. Many sports analysts counted them out and said they didn’t stand a chance against Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts.

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