Rare Moments

You’ll Always Have Football With Satellite TV

The only thing better than occasionally being able to watch your favorite games live is always being able to watch your favorite games on television. You may not always be able to afford the tickets and transportation to the most recent football game, but you can afford to stock your refrigerator with cold beverages and turn on the television. You’ll never have to miss another football game when you have the NFL Sunday Ticket at your house.

Fox Network Rejects John 3:16 Ad For The Super Bowl But Airs Go Daddy’s Ad

You would think that a Super Bowl commercial mentioning John 3:16 would be readily acceptable by the Fox network when being reviewed for inappropriate content. But this was not so, as Fox concluded that the extremely benign John 3:16 ad created for The Fixed Point Foundation was too controversial and offensive for the Super Bowl. Watch the video for yourself and you will see why this is so crazy, Fox has lost their God given minds… literally!

Recap to Super Bowl XLV

Super Bowl XLV Turned out to be a beauty. It began to look like a rare super bowl blowout after the Packers went up 21-3 with a few minutes left in the half. But the Steelers drive down the length of the field and put up a huge touchdown just before the half.

The Green Bay Packers Season

The Green Bay Packers season was an eventful that ended at the highest point possible. They started out as one of the Super Bowl favorites going into the season. However, throughout the season they continued to lose key players to injury.

NFL Lockout May Cause Sports Lockdown

With Super Bowl XVL ending with the Green Bay Packers on top as the NFC Champions, many NFL players and fans are starting to doubt if there will be a Super Bowl next season. A possible lockout in March is drawing more controversy with the NFL players and owners unable to meet halfway. Could this quarrel between the two put a hindurance on NFL ticket sales and stocks? Well, the NFL is one the highest rated sports, next to the NBA, and a lockout is definitely not the answer that many fans want. According to ESPN, DeMaurice Smith, “I still feel that a lockout is coming in March.”

College Sports Merchandise – How To Show Your Superfan Status!

Are you a college sports fan? Here are ideas of different types of college sports merchandise you can acquire that will leave no doubt which team you support.

College Sports Apparel – How To Show Your True Colors!

Show the world which team is your favorite. College sports apparel has moved far beyond replica jerseys and caps – today you can make a fashion statement while supporting your team. Make sure, if you are purchasing online, that you get exactly what you expect.

Fathead Wall Graphics – A Unique Gift For Sports Fans

Fathead wall graphics are a great way for the sports fan to make his or her room the ultimate homage to their favorite sporting star. Discover ideas on the types of Fatheads that will be perfect for any given situation.

Three Reason to Wear Football Gloves

Do you play football and need protection for your hands and fingers? Maybe your hands need weather protection or your just need something that will give you a better grip on the ball. Football Gloves is the answer!

The Charm of Football Cufflinks

There are several accessories that are made for men and their complete dressing. And among these the pairs of cufflinks are an item of accessory that makes an ensemble more appealing and attractive. They are a means to fasten the loose ends of the shirtsleeves called the cuffs.

Chiefs Get Offensive in 2010

The Chiefs were the best rushing offense in football, but to make a run in the playoffs, the Chiefs need to find better offensive balance. And with many free agents on the team, the Chiefs will have many decisions to make this off season.

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