Rare Moments of Referees

College Football Wrap-Up Week 7 – 3 More Unbeaten Teams Fall and 7 Top 25 Teams Are Upset

The college football world was turned upside down this week as 7 Top 25 teams were upset, including No. 1-ranked Ohio State, and 3 of the 7 saw their unbeaten seasons -and national championship dreams – all but vanish before their eyes. It is a new order of virtual parity at the top in college football. The best realization of this is that it is impossible to just pencil in Alabama, Florida or Ohio State as the No. 1 team. Here’s who beat who and why it matters.

How To Bet On Football Online

You have been betting any sport online. Maybe you have been betting on basketball, baseball, horse racing online.

Saturday SEC College Football – 12 Arkansas (4-1) at 7 Auburn (6-0)

A premier match up of the college football weekend puts the seventh-ranked Auburn Tigers against the 12th-ranked Arkansas Razorbacks in an SEC showdown. Arkansas enters this game with a 4-1 record which is the best start for the Razorbacks under head coach Bobby Petrino. Auburn enters the match up with a 6-0 record and their 37-34 victory over Kentucky last weekend marked the third 3 point win of the season for the Tigers.

The NFL, Breast Cancer, Four Inch Heels, and Pink Boas

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and the NFL has taken up the mantle of this cause. For three weeks now players have been accessorized with pink trim on their shoes and chinstraps, pink towels, and pink wrist bands. The pink breast cancer ribbon is splashed on almost everything. I don’t know what to make of all this pink.

Sports Betting Is An Investment

Most people think that sports betting is about finding ‘sure things,’ but in reality such ‘locks’ are nothing more than gamblers’ fancy. Just as in real estate, currency, stocks, or any other speculative market, ‘sure things’ simply do not exist. As a professional sports bettor, my goal is to find and exploit many small edges over a long period of time to earn a compounding return. Winning 56% of games is very significant, and with very conservative bet sizing, you can grow your return very quickly. Investing $10,000 into the stock market for a year and earning a 10% return is considered a great investment – but over the past 10 years I have averaged a 73.0% return each year on my NFL, NBA and NCAA football and basketball picks. (With 10% juice already factored in).

Football Training – Increasing Speed and Acceleration

Coaches across the board agree that speed is an essential component in any solid football player. Drills for increasing speed should play an important part in a football training program. However, being fast isn’t the only important factor – players who can accelerate quickly will have more success on the field than those who run at top speeds over time.

Youth Football Plays – Learning Offense Lingo

When learning and coaching youth football plays, one of the first things coaches and players must understand is football terminology. For many beginning players, youth football will be their first exposure to organized sports. By going over the important lingo, coaches can be sure that their offensive players fully understand the plays before going out on the field.

Youth Football – Guide to Effective Football Practices

Set up for Success There are many factors to consider when developing a program for youth football practice, including the age and ability level of the players, time constraints the team might face, and the coach’s personal philosophy and approach to football. Successful coaches agree that effective practices will cover offense, defense, and special teams and will include conditioning, drills, and scrimmages. Communication Communication is key when establishing a practice schedule for the team.

Matt Leinart: Three Things That Could Have Saved His Career

It was 2006, and life was easy for former USC quarterback Matt Leinart. He was a Heisman Trophy winner and two-time national champion, as well as the No. 10 selection in the NFL Draft.

Detroit Lions Have Teeth

If you are a fan of professional football you have to be rooting-at least a little bit-for the Detroit Lions. The NFC North team has been the NFL’s poster child for futility over the past two decades. Their last playoff appearance was in 1999.

Vick-Tory for the Eagles Will Ignite Controversy

The Kevin Kolb Era got off to a rocky start in Philadelphia last week when the Eagles’ newly-minted starter suffered a concussion against the Green Bay Packers. Michael Vick played ably in relief, turning a potential blowout into a respectable contest, but the Eagles lost, 27-20. Vick’s solid play-and his intimation that he could have pulled off the victory had he been on the field for a full four quarters-sparked a week-long debate about the starting QB position in Philly.

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