Rare Moments in Football!

If The World Was More Like The Olympics: 3 Examples

Nearly every day, especially in this first – year of the administration, of President Donald Trump, we are confronted with actual, and/ or perceived threats, challenges, etc, both, at home, in the United States, as well as internationally. Obviously, the threat of terrorism, whether based on some theology, or emotional issues, is real, and, often, somewhat, scary! Is the rhetoric of Mr.

Darya Domracheva – Who Is She?

Biography Looking back on her childhood and adolescence Darya Domracheva confesses to never ever thinking of becoming a huge star in sports. Being born in the family of architects in Minsk and raised in Russia where her parents moved to because of their work Dasha was an ordinary child. The town where their family lived was a small one called Nyagan with no prospects for ambitious people.

Curbing the Talented – Social Pressure on Sportspersons

The article explains about the detrimental effect of social pressure on sportspersons and sports. It also shares the experience of the ones who have suffered the same.

What Cost the Olympic Games?

While the Games create revenue for advertisers, media promoters, and games organisers they often result in poverty for many and worsening physical and mental conditions for some athletes. In recent weeks many past athletes have blown the whistle on doping by government induced coaches and doctors. Countries like Germany and the old Soviet Union were among the worst offenders.

Indians Overdid Their Celebrations For 2 Olympic Medals!

A UK commentator laughed at Indians who celebrated the two medals – a silver medal and a bronze medal, won by Indian Athletes. ‘If 120 billion Indians win just 2 medals, it is no big deal to be proud of.’ India, a developing nation has made a beginning. Notwithstanding the meagre bounty of medals, it is not in good taste to laugh at other nations, who fail to achieve as much as the developed nations. Excellence must permeate our culture: physical fitness as well as ethics. It was disappointing to see gold medallists indulging in vandalism, lying, and lusty adventures. Let’s learn to laugh with others and not at others.

Rio Olympics 2016 And Four Indian Women!

The Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro, from August 6th to 21st 2016, have come to a grand close. We have no space here to cover all those terrific achievers from across the world. Therefore we will concentrate only on India, although it has been a disappointing tale. As usual, India sent the largest ever contingent to participate in various sports disciplines, but for eleven long days after the start of the Games the country fumed and fretted for an elusive medal which was made worse by some negative vibes, comments and hiccups. However, 4 magnificent ladies from a largely patriarchal Indian society came into sharp focus and concentrated attention giving the countrymen a rare opportunity to feel proud of them.

The Gods of Olympus, Michael Phelps and Cupping

What is cupping and does it work, as believed by several well-known Olympians, such as Wonder Stud Michael Phelps. These issues are explored in this essay.

The Swedish Olympic Games Revivals of 1834, 1836 and 1843

Pierre de Coubertin was by no means the first person to revive the ancient Olympic Games. The idea was born much earlier in the Renaissance period, with its great interest in the classical world. Thus the first Cotswold ‘Olimpick Games’ were held annually in England from the early 17th century, apart from the Cromwellian period, and there were many similar events in other countries well before the first of the modern Olympics in Athens in 1896.

There Should Be More World Records Broken In 2016 Olympic Games Due to Planet Gravity Distribution

One thing that people are not taking into consideration about the Olympic Games and world records is that “Gravity’ is not equal everywhere on our planet. When the Olympic Games are played in regions of our planet with the lowest gravity component, you can expect world record breaking times in certain events where gravity is a factor, take Track and Field for instance; High Jump, Long Jump, Triple Jump, Shot Put, Javelin, and the distance running events. Can you see that even a small advantage will result in tenths of seconds taken off times or inches added to an athlete’s performance? Every little bit makes a difference at the peak levels.

In the Shadow of Rio and the Olympic Games

Brazil fought hard to win the right to host the Olympic Games in Rio but the curse surrounding their success in that endeavour threatens the world. The city is bankrupt, criminal elements are rife and waiting their chance to rob visitors, while the police force is on strike because they are unpaid. One would think that not much else could go wrong but looming large over the entire project is the Zika virus which is destroying the lives of many.

Rio, An Olympic Nightmare

Political corruption, environmental disaster, pathogen infestation, financial ruin, terrorists threats, and drug lords: Let the games begin. When the Olympic committee voted to award the 2016 Olympics to a city that has the dubious distinction of being one of the leading crime and murder capitals let alone one of the biggest dumping grounds for raw sewage of the world should have raised so many red flags to every participating country that something was just a little bit discerning. And yet what has already been occurring for years has been a complete economic, financial and environmental nightmare.

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