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Illegal “Trick” Football Plays In Youth Football

Trick football plays are fun and part of the game in youth football. However a number of those floating around are not legal plays.

Allocating Playing Time in Youth Football

How do you allocate playing time in youth football? How do you compete, yet get all your kids playing time and halt parent revolts? A few simple tricks.

Bold Prediction – Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys will have the best season of Wade Phillips’ tenure in 2007, but he will coach in Dallas for no more than three years, after which the team will need to rebuild from the ground up. That’s if Wade Phillips’ past performance as a head coach is any indication of things to come.

The Keys To Perfect Execution In Youth Football

The keys to great execution in youth football are not what many youth football coaches think they are In my opinion the keys to great execution is: Limiting the size of your playbook to a few integrated play series.

Top All-Time College Football Team

There’s lot’s of talk right now about which teams are going to dominate college football this fall. The argument over “Who’s #1” will go on for months. But, which team was the best team in college football history? That’s easier to answer. At least I think so. Read this to find out!

Practicing in the Heat in Youth Football

What are the secrets to practicing in the heat for youth football teams?

What is the Deal With These Athletes?

Things that athletes are doing with their free time are asinine. A bevy of these occurrences have transpired to a wide variety of athletes.

The Perfect Stance, First Things First in Youth Football

Get started on the right foot with the correct and simple way to teach the perfect stance in youth football.

The “Football Playbook” Road to Destruction in Youth Football

Football playbooks are a dime a dozen and most are very poorly written. If you think a good Playbook is all you need to succeed in youth football, you are setting your team up for failure.

JT Thomas Inducted Into Minor League Football News Hall of Fame

James “JT” Thomas, former linebacker of the West Virginia Mountaineers, will be inducted into the Minor League Football News Hall of Fame on Thursday, December 6, 2007 at the Oasis Resort Hotel & Casino in Mesquite, Nevada.

Marino Trivia- How Much Do You Know About Dan the Man?

In the never ending quarterback controversy, different quarterbacks are described by different people as being the greatest ever. Some people believe that Joe Montana, with his San Francisco dynasty, was the greatest. Others think that John Elway, with “The Drive” and his come from behind wins, was top dog. Certain people even argue that Archie Manning, had he ever played for a decent team, would have gone down in history.

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