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6 More Specific Defensive Strategies

Aside from the more popular and more frequently used defensive formations like the 4-3 and 3-4 defenses, coaches have more techniques up their sleeves ready at their disposal whenever the situation calls for it. These are more specific strategies deployed at appropriate times throughout the game.

3 Great Rushing Records In Superbowl History

The Super Bowl has rushed it’s way to the top of the world’s mind. It’s a great way to visit with friends and see some great athletes do some spectacular things on the gridiron. Here’s a discussion about 3 great rushing records in Superbowl history and who made them happen.

Top Three Football Teams in London

Are you trying to find out about Football in London? Want to know about sporting traditions and clubs? Read here to learn more about London’s best football clubs.

A Brief History of Anfield Stadium

A brewer by the name of John Orrel in 1884 turned his field on Anfield Road into a football ground for a local team to use, Everton FC. Everton were forced to relocate to Goodison Park where they remain to this day, leaving an empty ground with no team to call it their own. In May of 1892, Liverpool Football Club was born and took ownership of Anfield.

Make The Trap Pop

The trap is one of the oldest and most successful plays in football. As a Wing-T team we had a good one, but something was missing. Our trap wasn’t great, and I wanted it to be hard to stop. That’s when I went to work and found a way to make the trap POP!

Best Betting Offers

Free betting offers are offers that are very popular among football fans since they give them the opportunity to make true winning odds without having to pay anything for them even if they end up on the losing side. It is therefore needless to say that these offers are very popular among the football fans especially those trying their hands on the odds for the very first time and are not too comfortable to place any of their money on the bets. There are various sites that offer the free bets while some specially deal with the free…

Can You Trust The Sports Betting Professor?

‘If you are looking for opportunities to earn money, all you need to do is to start your search in the Internet.’ This is a piece of advice that can be applied by most people in their lives today. One fact that we have to accept is that we cannot live our life to its fullest if we will not have the cash inside our wallets.

The 3 Greatest NFL Superbowl Records For Passing

The one singular sporting event of the Super Bowl is a spectacle for both men and women. It’s a great way to visit with friends and see some great athletes do some absolutely amazing things. One thing to debate is the 3 greatest NFL Superbowl records for passing yards.

The Most Dominant Team in College Football

LSU? Alabama? Well… unless they have won six straight league championships, three straight national championships, compiled 45 straight wins, and have finished the last three seasons without a loss… then no.

Bobby Monnett Passes Superstars Isbell and Herber During His Final Packers Season in 1938

Cecil Isbell wasn’t the first Packer to retire at the top of his game. Bobby Monnett ended his stay in Green Bay just months after dazzling with the best passing display of his career. Unlike Isbell, Monnett’s decision to depart was arrived at, in part, because of injury. A vicious hit by a bitter rival may have nudged Monnett to exit sooner than he might otherwise have done.

How to Choose Between the 3-4 and the 4-3 Defense

The two most popular defensive schemes used by the NFL and most college teams are the 4-3 and the 3-4 defenses. Majority of all offensive snaps that take place in the league are facing one of these two main formations.

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