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Who Is a Better Leader – Chip Kelly or Lane Kiffin?

Let’s start with the similarities: both coach top national football programs. Both are known for their offensive mind. Both refuse to talk about player injuries. Both work for athletic directors that did not hire them. Both have big egos. Both have last names that start with the letter K followed by a vowel and two consonants. Both eat food and wear clothes…

My Take – Eli Manning and Ernie Accorsi: Forever Linked in Giants History

Eli Manning and Ernie Accorsi are heroes to New York Giants fans. They have overcome early trials and tribulations to become legendary for their accomplishments.

The Seattle Seahawks Are The Team The New York Jets Hoped To Be This Season

The Seahawks easily defeated the Jets 28-7 yesterday and Rex Ryan must be envious of how Seattle wins games. The Hawks are using a strong running game, defense and timely passing to be in the hunt for a playoff spot. This is the same formula the Jets used in 2009 and 2010 to reach the AFC Championship game.

What Are The NFL Playoffs?

Exactly, what are the NFL Playoffs? Although the NFL Playoffs are several weeks away, I was lead to give some background on exactly what are the NFL Playoffs especially for those who are not familiar with it, have heard their husbands, significant others, friends etc. talk about it with excitement (because yes, it is an exciting time during the season) but just never figured out the jist of it. Well, here goes…

Who Will Have the Top 5 Picks In The NFL Draft?

If the NFL Draft were to start tomorrow by record the top 5 teams that would be picking would be in the 2013 NFL Draft would be, Carolina, Kansas City, Jaguars, Cleveland, and New Orleans. When draft day rolls around in April will those 5 teams be the first to called to the podium? Lets take a look.

Who Really Gets Punished When a College Football Program Gets Suspended From Bowl Play?

The NCAA has one of the more difficult jobs in sports when it comes to handing out punishments to college football programs that have either violated the NCAA rules or violated the rules of society. The NCAA is asked to be judge and jury in situations that most people would never want to get involved in. It is all part of the job and, regardless of what some observers may think, the NCAA actually does a pretty good job in keeping college football programs on the up and up.

Mindset’s Role in Professional Athletes Going Broke

A high percentage of professional athletes are going broke within five years of retiring. See how their mindset contributes to this problem.

The Rules of College Football in 2012

2012 has brought some new changes in the rules and regulation of the college football game season. This article is going to tell you about the most immediate changes regarding the rules of football in 2012.

The NFL’s Elite

We are at about the midway point of the NFL season… which team is the best? It is hard to say, but here are a few dangerous teams that are elite.

Running Back in 3 Words

Running backs are a key component in every offense. Why are they so important, and what are their roles in the offense? Their offensive skills must be threefold. They have to be a threat with skills in running, catching, and blocking…

Road To The 2013 NFL Draft: LSU 24 – Texas A and M 19

The scouting process for the draft runs primarily from September through mid- April. The athletic testing portion of the evaluation process takes center stage starting in February. However, how NFL draft prospects perform in actual football games is what matters most.

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