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8 Things Football Officials Should Do to Move Up the Officiating Ranks

This is a list of 8 things football officials should do to help them get promoted up the ranks of officiating. These steps or tips can really be applicable to all sports officials.

How Football Officials Should Prepare Every Week

This includes tips for football officials and what they should do to properly prepare for a football game every week. Some steps are things such as watch game film, scout teams and review things you had questions about.

How Football Officials Should Handle Feeling Like They Must See Everything

This is a short article about football officials and how some feel like they must see everything on the field. That is impossible and this tries to give officials ways of dealing with that feeling.

Former New York Jet Takes a Shot at the PGA Tour

It is hard to find two sports that are polar opposites more than golf and football, Stevie Anderson is making the case that there are some similarities between the two sports. Anderson, who spent five-years completing acrobatic catches in the National Football League (NFL), is connecting the dots between the sports by making serious inroads in his hot pursuit of a PGA tour career.

Things You Need to Know About the NFL Football Combine

This is an article is about the rigorous testing a prospect for the NFL must go through at the NFL Combine to be considered as a draft pick for a team. It shows all the various tests they will be put through based on their physical, position-specific skills, psyche, and medical attributes.

Useful Tips For Kids Joining A Football Tryout For The First Time

Kids will usually feel nervous when joining a football tryout for the first time. Below are some tips for parents and children to help kids shine during a football tryout.

Semi-Professional Football

What you’re about to read is a little history behind Semi-Professional Football. I hope you find it as fascinating as I did because it was really fun researching it.

High School Recruiting – Helpful Tips

This article is about what high school football players should consider when deciding on which school they should attend. This decision is a big one, and this article gives a few hints to what a player should consider. This article is meant to help high school football athletes dodge the pit falls that come with recruiting.

Tips to Choose the Right Football Shoes

Are you ready to ace in your football match? Are you sure you are on the right way to become a super star in your upcoming football tournament? Though you are ready with everything you need for the match, sometimes many players forget on checking their own football shoes which is the key accessory for a football player.

History of Real Madrid

Real Madrid is one of the best clubs in La Liga and international circuit as well. This article unearths the history of the club and its chronicles to the peak of success as well.

Real Madrid – La Liga Emperor

There is no doubt that Real Madrid FC is one of the big guns in world football. The article echoes some well-known facts about the Spanish club as well as their achievement in La Liga and Europe.

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