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Green Bay Packers’ Primary Team Needs For 2011 NFL Draft

Analyzing primary team needs for the Green Bay Packers for the upcoming 2011 NFL Draft. Five such needs are included in this article.

Green Bay Packers’ General Manager Ted Thompson and His Core Draft Philosophies (Part 2)

In this article I will continue to analyze some of Ted’s core draft principles. This portion of the series includes small school propects, position versatility, position philosophies, position backfill, and drafting for the future.

Why Outside Linebacker Isn’t A Draft Need For The Green Bay Packers

There are pundits who feel that having a starting caliber outside linebacker next to Clay Matthews is the Packers greatest need. I can make an argument to the contrary.

Green Bay Packers’ General Manager Ted Thompson and His Core Draft Philosophies (Part 1)

Packers General Manager (GM) Ted Thompson is a staunch believer in building a championship caliber football team through the yearly NFL draft. In 2005, he inherited a team with a 4-12 record that was lacking in talent at key positions. His journey as GM culminated in 2011 with the Packers winning the Super Bowl despite 15 players finishing the season on injured reserve. The vast majority of the team has been built through the draft. In this article I will analyze some of Ted’s core draft principles.

Green Bay Packers’ General Manager Ted Thompson and How He Drafts

“We feel very strongly that our best policy is to draft the best player. This isn’t fantasy football.” Ted Thompson Green Bay Packers General Manager. A lot of people think that Thompson drafts the best player available, however, when studying the Packers’ drafts since Thompson took over as GM in 2005 this is not the case. I believe the above statement by Thompson is very misleading and somewhat of a smokescreen.

Why Should You Invest in a Jersey Display Case?

When you have a signed sport jersey from a game you have every right to celebrate. It would probably because a collectible item for life. Are you going to put in in a closet? No way! You need a nice jersey display case to showcase it.

The Lasting Effects of Concussions in the NFL

Concussions in sports have always been a major concern and its long-lasting effects worrisome for athletes and their families. A former quarterback recently revealed his struggles with having to deal with the effects of the numerous concussions he suffered during his career as a player. He is now forced to seek treatment for short-term memory loss and hand-eye coordination. He is one of many quarterbacks who have had to succumb to concussions during their careers in the NFL.

10 Tips to Choose Between Sports Agent Firms

The process of communicating with, screening and choosing a sports agent firm or individual to represent you can be a grueling on you and your family. Follow these tips to help guide you through the process.

What Are the Responsibilities of a Center Referee in the Game of Football?

Football is a game that is played between two teams having eleven players each with other reserve players and officials sitting on the reserve bench. The standard game of football normally last for 90 minutes, with additional time usually given for extra time. An important aspect of the game is the presence of the center referee who is usually appointed by the relevant football authority.

How to Write a Football Match Report

One of the responsibilities of the center referee in a game of football, is to file a match report at the end of a game. In this article, i will be sharing some tips on how to write such reports.

The Benefits Of Football Simulators

The sport of football evolved from rugby and soccer in America during the 19th century. It has now become one of the premiere pastimes in the country, attracting millions of spectators and players nationwide. However, with adverse weather conditions such as snow, or limited access to football fields, it can be difficult to practice and train. It is also possible that injuries can keep a player out of the game. Football simulators overcome those problems and offer a realistic football experience to the athlete. Virtual football sets new ideals in the sport by taking advantage of the most advanced technology to give players accurate analysis of their game, thus providing important pointers allowing players to reflect on his performance. Football simulators allow one to play the sport indoors in a safe environment. They are easy to use and simulate playing the a real game without ever having to strap on the pads.

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