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Atlanta Falcons Look to Build on 2008 Success

The last 3 years for the Atlanta Falcons have been a roller coaster ride like no other in the NFL. After having the most exciting player in the game, Michael Vick, for so many years, the Falcons are looking to move forward with QB sensation Matt Ryan. Matt Ryan had one of the best rookie QB seasons ever in 08′, completing 61% of his pass attempts, over 3,400 yards passing, 21 touchdown passes, only 12 interceptions, with a QB rating of almost 90 and starting all 16 games – many veteran QB’s will take that season any day.

Can the New York Giants Win the Super Bowl in 2010?

The New York Giants started off the 09′ season well. While they are one of the favorites to come out of the NFC, it won’t be easy by any means. Eli Manning has stepped out of old brother Peyton Manning’s shadow with his own Super Bowl ring.

Are the Tampa Bay Buccaneers the Worst NFL Team?

The Tampa Buccaneers are one of the many teams in the NFL trying to start from the ground up and rebuild their franchise. After the Super Bowl win in 02′ the Buccaneers haven’t had much success. The Bucs best season since winning the Super Bowl came in 05′ when they finished 11-5 but lost to the Washington Redskins in the first round.

Carolina Panthers Struggle in 2009

The Carolina Panthers haven’t started out their 09′ season as well as they hoped for undoubtedly. Nothing has gone according to plan, Jake Delhomme isn’t productive, the wide receivers haven’t impressed much, the defense isn’t what it was before, the whole team is in the dumps. As strong as the NFC South is now with the Atlanta Falcons and New Orleans Saints, they better start making things happen before they are looking at a 6-10 season.

Green Bay Packers Face Ups and Downs in NFL 2009 Season

The Green Bay Packers had a very disappointing season in 08′ with a 6-10 record. In 07′ the Packers finished 13-3 and were a couple minutes away from playing in the Super Bowl. Packers fans want to believe that Aaron Rogers will take their team to the Super Bowl shortly. Brett Favre is an icon in Green Bay despite how his departure ended there.

Can the Washington Redskins Pull it Together?

The Washington Redskins haven’t started out their 09′ exactly how they anticipated. In fact, they are probably the most under achieving team in the NFL so far – they lost to the Detroit Lions in week 3. Either the Detroit Lions were finally do for a win and it just happened to be against the Redskins – or the loss against the Lions showed the lack of focus and determination the Redskins have.

Arizona Cardinals Must Pass More Tests

The Arizona Cardinals are not starting off the 09′ season as they ended the 08′ season. QB Kurt Warner doesn’t seem to be the same man who lead the Cardinals to one of the greatest playoffs pushes in recent memory. While the wide receivers for the Cardinals are still being productive – they are not close to where they were in 08′.

College Football Wrap-Up Week 5 – Only a Baker’s Dozen of Teams Still Remain Undefeated

Only 13 among the 120 major teams remain undefeated after the 5th week of a 16-week college football season. They are Florida, Texas, Alabama, LSU, Boise State, Cincinnati, TCU, Iowa, Kansas, Auburn, South Florida, Missouri and Wisconsin. Unranked UTEP upset 12th-ranked Houston, 58-41, 17th-ranked Miami (FL) upset 8th-ranked Oklahoma, and unranked Michigan State beat 22nd-ranked Michigan 26-20.

High School Football Official – Crew Communication

It is vital that as a high school football officiating crew you have fluid communication between each position on the field. This is significant for any level of football. This article will detail all the communication signals on the field.

Is Brett Favre Still Great?

The Minnesota Vikings are now unbeaten, with a 4-0 record. After having beaten his old team (the Green Bay Packers) on Monday Night Football in front of the national stage, Brett Favre and the Minnesota Vikings made a bold statement. This team is absolutely for real, and they’re a force to be reckoned with.

Seattle Seahawks Midseason 2009 Report

The ’08 season for the Seattle Seahawks was a lost season if you will – no one could stay healthy and the season was over before it began. The 09’s season started off well with a win against the St. Louis Rams – who are in the process of rebuilding their team.

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