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Gestapo-Like NCAA Weighs Down on North Carolina Football

The heavy hand of the absolutist National Collegiate Athletic Association thundered mightily on the evil deeds of one University of North Carolina football program banning the Tar Heels from the postseason for one year, reducing the number of scholarships available, and placing the program on its “double secret” three-years’ probation. The NCAA’s ruling caps a two-year investigation that led to the dismissal of head coach Butch Davis and the athletic director, Dick Baddour. Players received jewelry and other gifts from people outside of the program as well as receiving improper tutoring help on term papers.

Why Didn’t They Just Call Themselves the Oilers Again?

The Houston Oilers was such a cool name for a football team. The Houston Texans? Well that’s about as unimaginative as you can get.

The Pointless Extra Point

Dan Bailey was awesome this season making 39 straight extra points. Wait a minute. I could do that.

Finesse Kicking From Kickoff Teams?

The NCAA has changed the rules for special teams in football. Kickers will be teeing the ball up from the 35 yd line instead of the 30. Kickoffs have been found to be a major source of injury so the NCAA wants to reduce the number of injured players by reducing the number of kickoff returns.

Defensive End in Football

An overview of the defensive end position in the game of football. In delves into the training and skills required to be a top defensive end in the NFL.

Middle Linebacker Position in Football

An article about the middle linebacker position in football. It also goes into training and how much they get paid.

Man Cave – Show Your Passion

What is the real goal of a Man Cave? The simple answer is to show your passion for your favorite team. As men we like to display memorabilia from our favorite team or players.

Improving Your Youth Football Team in Winter and Spring

What can you do to improve your youth football team in the Winter and Spring? A lot, it is the prime time for making the changes needed to get you to that Championship game.

Cornerback Position in Football

In Depth article about the cornerback position in the game of football. It goes into detail about training for the position, the all time greats and even the salary these players make.

How to Coach Vertical Set Pass Protection in Football

As an Offensive Line Coach, one of the hardest things to do is to teach Drop Back Pass Protection for 5-Step and 7-Step Passing. While teaching traditional Kick-Slides can be extremely difficult for a coach who is only able to devote part of his time to coaching offensive line, the Vertical Set provides a simple, teachable and effective alternative to give your team great protection with fewer mistakes.

Washington Redskins Pay Hefty Price For Chance To Draft RG III

With all signs pointing to Andrew Luck being selected with the first pick in April’s NFL Draft, teams desperate for a franchise quarterback were feeling out the owners of the second pick, the St. Louis Rams, to see what it would take to move up to that position in order to select Baylor QB Robert Griffin III. After the Peyton Manning situation, the landing spot of RG III had become the biggest story of the NFL offseason, as most observers believe he has all the tools necessary to become a star in the league for the foreseeable future.

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