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Arizona Cardinals Are Set For 2008

It’s not a sin to root for the Arizona Cardinals in 2008 (even if you live in Tampa Bay)-and one has to give them some credit for at least improving their 5-11 record in 2006. Last year they finished the season 8-8. Find out what you can expect from them this year.

Jacksonville Jaguars Tear Into a New Season

The Jacksonville Jaguars are on an upward climb. Going from 8-8 in 2006 and finishing with a strong 11-5 season in 2007. Could 2008 be the year they finish a playoff run with a game in the win column? They definitely have the talent to make it happen.

Kick Off the Season With the St Louis Rams

Will the St Louis Rams be able to bounce back from a dismal 3-13 record from last year? A couple big off season pick ups and a healthy team of starters may be the key to get them back in their Superbowl form.

NFL Ticket Broker – Why Buy From One?

NFL ticket brokers often get a bad rap from fans. We frequently accuse brokers of soaking up tickets preventing true fans from being able to buy them directly. There is also a reluctance to purchase from ticket brokers, fearing that we may be sold counterfeit tickets. So should we ever buy from them?

Real Madrid Or Chelsea – Robihno’s Choices to Continue Playing in Europe

The 24-year old Brazilian forward known as Robihno who plays for the Spaniard giant Real Madrid since mid 2005 has recently stated that he would like to consider the proposal made by the English Premier League team Chelsea before the start of this year’s new season. Nevertheless, Robihno’s time to negotiate with his current team and the English one is about to expire as a decision has to be reached by the end of the weekend.

Youth Football – Practice #7 of the 2008 Season

Today is a Defensive and Special Teams day as we will have just 2 more practices before our first game. After the usual dynamic warm up and angle fit and form tackling, we got right into individual defensive drills.

Youth Football, Practice Number 8 of the 2008 Season

The base dynamic warm up and angle form/fit tackling is holding steady at about 8 minutes. We divided up for individuals and broke out like this: Line: Wedge fit and wedge blocking on the coach with a shield for about 15 minutes and the crab blocking progression for about 10 minutes.

NFL Predictions 2008 – 2009

It’s easy to pick the Giants, Cowboys, Patriots, or Colts. I am sure they won’t all falter this year and some upcoming teams are ready to challenge. The NFL powerhouses are due for a fall. After all, the Giants had a second place division finish and made the predictable – unpredictable again. You have to love the chances of the Vikings, Saints, Bills, Browns, Jaguars, and Raiders. They will be the most improved teams who could challenge for it all.

NFL Preview – Brett Favre May Be a New York Jet, But He is Hardly a Jet “All the Way”

After playing 16 seasons with the Green Bay Packers and then being faced with riding the bench in favor of a lesser light (backup “rookie” quarterback Aaron Rogers), Brett Favre chose to do what he does best, act like a winner about to win again. Favre (pronounced Farve) forced Green Bay to trade him, and he ended up as a New York Jet. He will get $12 million this season and the Jets may make a quick $300 million on the deal. Read the full story.

10 Best NFL Players – Right Now

Patriots, Vikings both have two guys on our list of 10 best NFL players. Plus great players on way up, way down … young guys to watch.

Top 10 All-Time NFL QBs

Tom Brady and Peyton Manning … Peyton Manning and Tom Brady … in whichever order, they are the biggest stories for the 2008 NFL season … as they have been for quite a while. In fact, in these two guys, we are seeing the greatest pro quarterbacks of all time.

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