NFL Insider on Rams’ Strength in Rushing

A Football Player’s Perspective – How to Make It to the Next Level of Play

It was August 2003 and my team at the time, the Pittsburgh Steelers, was holding the first live scrimmage for training camp. As a rookie in the NFL I had practiced a number of times with the team, but this was the first time I was going to suit it up for a “full contact and tackle goal line scrimmage.”

Does Intensive Pre-Season Strength Training Protect Rugby Players from Non-Contact Injury?

Players at a leading Australian rugby club who undertook a high-intensity off-season strength training program experienced dramatically fewer non-contact injuries during the playing season than their less committed club mates. It is suggested that the lower incidence of injury might be attributable to an emphasis on improving basic strength and the use of rugby-specific strength equipment.

Despite Media Reports, Vince Young’s Wonderlic Score Still Unknown

As usual, the mainstream media blows another non-story from the world of sports WAY out of proportion- even worse, the news over the weekend about Texas quarterback Vince Young’s Wonderlic score is likely inaccurate to boot.

Philadelphia Eagles Potential Free Agency Targets

As an avid reader of every rumor mill, gossip and insider website known to man, it never ceases to amaze me how little you hear about the plans of the Philadelphia Eagles during the off-season. Whether it be prospective free agents or which direction the Birds are leading in the draft, nary a whisper can be heard emanating from the Nova Care Complex.

Football Tailgate Without a Tailgate!

A tailgate party has evolved from an actual picnic on the tailgate of a truck into โ€œthemeโ€ for many a party. Tailgates donโ€™t happen just before football games anymore. And they certainly arenโ€™t only for truck drivers.

Matt Leinart

A native of Santa Ana, California, Matthew Leinart was born in May 1983. No stranger to the sport of football, Leinart was the quarterback of his Mater Dei High School in Santa Ana. Later attending the University of Southern California, he quickly joined the Trojans football team, whom he led to two national championship titles.

The Most In-demand and Essential Tailgating Supplies – Have a Great Party

For decades, tailgating has become bigger and better, as people spend more time and money on new and innovative tailgating supplies. It is important though to make sure your parties are about having fun.

The Benefits of Explosive Strength Training for Rugby Football

Rugby football involves prolonged physical engagements between players where they are subjected to loading substantially greater than their own body weight. An ability to very rapidly generate force is advantageous in these areas of physical engagement. In addition to basic strength training, players need to undertake activity-specific training for explosive strength.

Why Do Rugby Players Scrum and Maul at Such Different Body Heights?

The body height of rugby players in mauls tends to be very much higher than in scrums. High body positions are inefficient for generating forward momentum. There would be advantages in training players to pack at thigh height rather than waist height.

USC Trojans

Trojans garner top rated recruiting class”- With the recruiting season finally coming to an end the USC Trojans, seemingly depleted from all the early entries throughout its star studded roster as well as losing valuable players who ran out of eligibility, had to find replacements for all the departed talent and came away with the No.1 rated recruiting class

Bradshaw/Montana No Show

Bradshaw/Montana No Show during Super Bowl Pre Game, Terry and his friend Joe are not in the winner’s circle this week.

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