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Youth Football Practices – Rewards For a Hard Training Camp

After 4 weeks of five days a week practice the kids are tired and ready for their first game. I like to have this pizza party after a practice the week before our first game.

Reliving Family Memories Through Chicago Bears Season Tickets

We all have our favorite NFL teams which we eat breathe and sleep during football season. For my family, our team was the Chicago Bears. To us, there were no other sports teams.

Coaching Youth Football – Making it Fun

This could easily be the first and last chapter of this book. While coaching youth football you better make it fun for the players and coaches involved.

Youth Football Coaching – Attend the Monthly Administration Meetings

It can be extremely valuable to go to your monthly youth football league meeting. If you have the time and desire, volunteer to be on the board. You can gain a lot of knowledge from the veteran coaches. Many coaches and board members have been at this game for many years. The experience of these guys at the different age and skill levels can be a great source of information.

Why Brett Favre Can Lead The Vikings To The Super Bowl

Reasons why Brett Favre and the Minnesota Vikings are a good match. Why Brett Favre can take the Vikings to the next super bowl.

Coaching Youth Football – Attending Camps and Seminars Including Coaching Clinics

One of the very best things you can do in the off season is attending the many different youth football clinics and camps. There are the major camps that have huge sponsors like NIKE and a variety of coaches from youth sports to college will be giving lectures.

Coaching Youth Football – Keep Learning and Increasing Your Football IQ

One can never have too much knowledge. You’ll be amazed at how much information there is regarding youth football.

Dallas Cowboys – On Field Victory, Or Off Field Defeat?

The Dallas Cowboys are again considered the class of the NFC and possibly the entire NFL. This year’s team has already seen some bumps and bruises (like a loss to the Redskins) but it is still a very talented team. In my opinion, the Cowboys have more potential than any other team in the league. However, Jerry Jones has created a virtual three-ring circus with his players.

A Fallen Titan

Toughness. It’s a quality that is not only wanted, but is of the utmost importance in the National Football League. Not many players had more of it than Steve McNair. He played with terrible knees, worn out legs, and even a ruptured sternum. Titans fans became spoiled being able to have a quarterback with such a high tolerance for pain. He was the Superman of the Tennessee Titans franchise.

Youth Football Tips – Improving Stalk Block Method

Stalk block is one of the toughest and effective defense methods in the game of football. Proper coaching and drills will help youngsters to master the art of stalk block.

40 Yard Dash Training (Part 1)

My first goal whenever I begin working with a new athlete (youth or professional) on improving the 40 yard dash is to teach them how the brain sometimes inhibits speed. There are two basic principles on how the body must operate in order to move more efficiently and effectively for running faster and developing speed. I start by educating them on how we need to overcome our own minds and the ‘false’ messages our brains tell us when we want to run faster.

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