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Football Strength and Conditioning – Its Unique Demands

A football strength and conditioning programme is always going to be demanding at any level. All players can benefit from how it is tailored to get the maximum performance in their sport by understanding some basic ideas.

Key Points to a Jump High Program – NFL Vertical Jump

If you are an NFL athlete then you probably are aware that increasing your leap capabilities can be very important and thus exercises to increase the vertical jump are also highly important. Inside your leg muscles are particular fibers that hold the explosive strength of rapidity and velocity that can in return lift you higher. It is very important to develop the muscles to really improve on this explosive strength and grow and maximize your potential to be a better athlete with regards the NFL vertical jump.

A Dunn Deal?

The Philadelphia Eagles appear to be confident in their team and are now focused on “getting over the hump,” and winning the ultimate prize in football, the Super Bowl. Even with all the unanswered questions that surround the Eagles backfield, the Birds seem to be set on their crop of running backs.

Sleeper BCS College Football Teams

Predicting a sleeper team is always dicey. You know some of the teams have the potential but you do not know enough. Likewise, there are some teams that look promising this year and here are the reasons why.

Football Handicapping Tips

Handicapping in football is the art of adjustment and being dynamic about it. Football handicapping is not for the faint of heart and yet people can get really stubborn about one particular strategy that seems to work. However, time and again we have seen successful handicapping systems laying a complete waste. So what makes them tick when they do and why do they stop working when they do?

Recruiting For Football – Five Steps to Playing in College

Is football your game? Are you hoping to play football the college level? Recruiting for football is an often confusing and misunderstood process.

2009 Buffalo Bills NFL Season Betting Picks Preview

The 2009 NFL Season is quickly approaching and fans for every team are chomping at the bit for some NFL betting action. Nothing beats the thrill of betting on live games and the upcoming NFL season should be no different. Fans of the Buffalo Bills are cautiously optimistic this year (almost like every year) that they’ll be a playoff contender again.

Prepare Early For the End of the Season Celebration

It is never too early to plan for the year end party for your youth football team. The Team Mom should be able to help you make the arrangements. I have had parties that have been as simple as a pizza party and as formal as a banquet.

Ronaldo – The Spectacular Player With a Massive Fan Following

Euphoric fans of the star football player, Cristiano Ronaldo greeted him wholeheartedly when he was signed by Real Madrid on a record 80 million pounds. The club is hopeful of restoring its golden old days of triumph and jubilation. Earlier, there was a massive turn out for the Brazilian playmaker, Kaka’s presentation.

Brief History of the Dallas Cowboys Football Team

The Dallas Cowboys is a professional National Football League (NFL) team that is part of the Eastern Division of the National Football Conference. The Dallas Cowboys are located in Irving Dallas Texas.

Oakland Raiders History

The Raiders football team are located in the city of Oakland California. The Oakland Raiders are in the western division of the American Football Conference in the NFC which stands for National Football League.

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