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Football Recruiting 101 – College Coaches

Do you know what college coaches are looking for in a football prospect? In this article I will point out what coaches are looking for and what they expect from their athletes.

Football Recruiting 101 – Camps & Combines

Football recruiting camps & combines are a good bet for several different reasons. Check out what this author has to say to prospective college football athletes about camps & combines.

Football Recruiting 101 – Academics

In many cases your academic standing with college can be more inviting than your athletic ability to play football. In the article find out how and why that is the case.

Football Recruiting 101 – Athletic Assessment

If you want to play football in college understand that it will take a lot of hard work on and off the field. In this article I suggest a good starting place. You have to start somewhere, so start with an athletic assessment.

Can College Football Bettors Get an Advantage?

College football is a dangerous sport. Betting on college football can be just as dangerous. For bettors that choose to gamble legally in Las Vegas sportsbooks, is there anyway to get an advantage? Research and experts can help you if you plan on betting on college football.

Week 8 College Football Wrap Up

An article conveying my weekend of picks in College Football. I went 7 of 10 this week, read it to learn more!

It is Not a Good Idea to Have a Football Team Anywhere Near Seattle, Washington

What has happened to the Washington Huskies, Washington State Cougars and Seattle Seahawks this year has been horrific-all three of the state’s flagship football teams have inadvertently raised losing to an art form. Find out how bad it has been.

Why it is the Stanford Cardinal and Not the Stanford Cardinals?

Each and every football season there is something that drives me nuts. Seriously this really bothers me.

College Football – After 6 Straight Victories, Michigan State is Still Not Ready For Prime Time

After an opening season loss on the road and 6 straight victories, No. 20 Michigan State hosted No. 12 Ohio State at home Saturday (10-19-08) and nothing went right. The Buckeyes, who have now beaten Michigan State 7 straight times, jumped to a quick 28-0 half time lead and capitalized on 3 Spartan fumbles and 2 interceptions to win 45-7. The Buckeyes converted the 5 turnovers into 21 points, killing any Spartan momentum. Read the full story.

College Football – Week 8 – Top 6 Teams Remain on Top, Led by Unbeaten Texas, Alabama & Penn State

College football’s 8th week saw the lesser lights among the AP Top 25 take turns getting beat up while the nation’s top 6 teams remain exactly the same with unbeaten Texas, Alabama and Penn State 1-2-3 following by once-beaten Oklahoma, Florida and Southern Cal. Find out who was beaten for the first time.

Minnesota Vikings – Bernard Berrian

I made a statement about him back in my September article – Minnesota Vikings 2008 Season Preview- “besides the fact that he was doing great with the Chicago Bears, does a $16 million contract with the Vikings sound accurate?” After all the controversy around this issue, once and for all, I will make the story straight right away.

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