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Informative NFL Trivia

American Football is the most popular sport in the US. Find out about its colorful history and growing popularity.

Pro Football – Leonard “Green Shoes” Weaver Leads Seahawks to Second Victory in 7 Games

Football should be about fun and the Seattle Seahawks finally made it so by running the San Francisco 49ers off of their home field Sunday (10-26-08) behind the catch and run explosion of Leonard “Green Shoes” Weaver and the pass snatching ability of Josh Wilson, winning 34-13. Get the full story.

How to Catch a Football – 7 Tips to Becoming a Star Wide Receiver

Catch a football?! That’s easy, you say. You just stick your hands up and grab the football out of the air, right? Not so fast! All that matters in the end is that you catch the football right?

Sports Psychology and Football – How to Be a Great Quarterback

What does it take to be a great quarterback? This article outlines the physical and mental skills required to succeed at this position. This piece has helpful tips for parents, players and coaches. It describes a case history of a young quarterback.

Five Facts You May Not Know About Penn State Nittany Lions Football

The Penn State Nittany Lions are one of the most famous college football teams in the country.  Through the 2007 season they have won two national championships and have had numerous players drafted into the world of professional football.  The first thing many people think of when Penn State’s football program first crosses their mind is the incredible longevity of their head coach Joe Paterno.

Black, White & Brown “That’s How it Goes Down”

As I casually strolled across the dingy Boston playing field on a brisk Sunday afternoon the winds began to whip through my jacket and the words watch your step scrolled across my mind as I carefully navigated through the debris that is a part of many urban ball fields , broken glass, geese droppings, etc. Wait a minute is that human feces? I finally made it to the sideline set up my portable sports chair and got ready to watch an M2Sports flag football game between the Giants and the Eagles.

College Football – Week 9 – Texas Handles Unbeaten Oklahoma State, and Penn State Whips Ohio State

College football’s 9th week saw the 5 teams at the top of the AP Top 25 Poll give notice to any and all opponents that they are not moving down easily. That includes Texas, Alabama, Penn State, Oklahoma and Florida. A real sleeper just might be unbeaten and 8-0 Texas Tech. Read the full report.

Top Ten Teams in the NFL

Here is my description of the top ten teams in the NFL. This season looks to be a roller coaster and a lot of teams will have trouble staying on top of this list. This was written after week seven so things may change from now to later in the season.

Top Ten Offenses in the NFL

Here is my description of the top ten offenses in the NFL. This list is based on offensive statistics. This was written after week seven so things may change from now to later in the season.

Football Recruiting 101 – Ten Questions

When talking with college coaches you need to know what questions to ask. Find ten good questions to ask coaches here.

Football For Kids – Pass the Pig Skin

It’s fall, and the weather is beautiful outside… at least where we live. So, it is a great time to spend some time outdoors with your kids. This weekend, my husband took our 6 year old son outside to throw the football.

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