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What Is Special – Lessons Learned While Volunteering At The Olympics

While I was a volunteer at the “Special” Olympics, I learned that being called special is not always so encouraging. As a school teacher who has taught “Special” education classes, I am constantly challenged by the low self-esteem issues which are created through this unfortunate labeling.

London Stalling – The Olympic Opposition

Despite loud, raucous cheering when London won its Olympic bid, not everybody was happy. Anti-Olympic campaigners say that the games spell bad news for many Londoners.

Apolo Ohno – Five Time Olympic Medalist

From stumbles to victory, Apolo Ohno emerged as one of America’s first and greatest Olympic speed skaters. Apolo Anton Ohno was born on May 22, 1982 in Seattle, Washington.

Tokyo Bid For The 2016 Olympic Games

Tokyo have made a bid for the 2016 Olympic Games, but is it a real bid or a cynical ploy by a Japanese politician to win an election?

Unknown Facts About Cuba’s Athletes

What are some unknown facts about Cuba’s athletes? Who do you think is the greatest Cuban athlete of all time? Teofilo Stevenson or Mireya Luis Hernandez? Exactly where was Rafael Emilio Fortun Chacon born? When did Ramon Fonst Segundo become Olympic champion?

Facts About Cuba’s Sports

This article speaks about Olympic sports in Cuba. Cuba hosted the 2nd Baseball World Cup in 1939.The Cuban team won the championship, with Nicaragua second and the United States taking third…

London 2012 Olympics – The Games Go Green

In the year 2012, the eye of the world will be focussed on London, the host of the biggest international event on the planet. London plans to use the games to showcase green technology, eco-friendly living and sustainable policies, which it hopes will not only set the standard for future Olympics, but will lead to greener practices all over the world.

Cuba – A Nation Of Olympic Slaves

Thousands of sports persons are now living like slaves in Cuba, an ex-Soviet colony in the past century. Under the dictatorship of Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz, Cuba is a hell for athletes. Like Iran, North Korea, Sudan and Syria, Cuba is a “terrorist state” in the Third World…

Olympic Mascots – Guide to Who’s Who

Olympic mascots – love ’em or hate ’em, you’re sure to have a strong opinion. This brief look at the history of mascots in the Games includes the highlights and the lowlights, and considers just what message organizers are putting out there about their host city.

Fun Facts About Pan American Games

“Fun Facts About Pan American Games” speaks about Pan American Games in the 20th and 21st centuries. There are refreshing surprises…

Olympic Games – Facts & Figures

Where were the 1988 Olympics held? Who was the first Korean athlete to win an individual medal in any Summer Olympics? Who was Helmut Bellingrondt? Who was the first Arab woman to win an Olympic gold medal? Who was the first Turkish to win an Olympic gold medal? Here are some more interesting facts about Olympic Games.

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