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NFL Super Bowl XLIV

Are you ready for the next biggest football event? Indeed, there is no bigger event than the NFL championships – the Super Bowl. The 44th Super Bowl series will be held at the Landshark Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida.

If You Ask Me

As Ohio States date with USC draws closer, there has been much speculation as to the outcome. Online odds makers have listed USC as a seven point favorite at the game’s final whistle.

How to Find a Flag Football League in Your Area

Flag football is one of the fastest growing sports. It has been around for many decades, but only within the last 10+ years has it exploded to beyond the college campus. Now, there are flag football leagues in most every county in the United States and many countries around the world.

Throwback Jersey – NFL

The Throwback Jersey was first introduced in the NFL in the 1994 75th anniversary season and continue to be popular with both fans and teams. A wide variety of throwback designs have been worn in the NFL, with varying degrees of accuracy. Most obvious is the lack of leather helmets in the 50s uniforms.

Urlacher Out For Season

Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher dislocated his wrist Sunday night against the Green Bay Packers. He underwent surgery to repair the injury, but he will miss the rest of this season.

All About Football Jerseys

Your home team is on the verge of winning the last game of the season. You are at the stadium, screaming, shouting and cheering your team on. But you turn around to see everyone in the bleachers staring at you in confusion. When you look, everyone is dressed in the team’s colors and you stick out like a sore thumb. You are not in the team colors but a plain T-shirt!

Detroit Lions Lose Another Game

Could things be much worse for the Detroit Lions? After a winless 2008 season that saw the team finish 0-16 (for the first time ever), the Lions came into the 2009 season with high hopes, ready to put that disaster of a year behind them. Armed with some new players, a standout rookie quarterback, and a boosted morale, this team was ready to win some games in 2009.

Green Bay Packers Disappoint in Week 2

After beating the Bears at home during week 1, things were looking good for the Green Bay Packers. Coming off of a disappointing (yet promising) 6-10 finish in the 2008 football season, the Green Bay Packers have higher hopes in 2009. Aaron Rodgers continues to improve, and is legitimately one of the best quarterbacks in football.

Redskins Bounce Back With Win Over Rams

To beat the Rams at home by a score of 9-7 isn’t exactly impressive, but they’ll take it however they can get it. At least the defense seemed to be effective. Then again, it all happened against the Rams, a team that struggled to score throughout 2008 and seems to have the same problem in 2009.

New York Giants Impressive in Win at Dallas

The New York Giants became one of 8 NFL teams to start the 2009 season with a 2-0 record after a big win against the Dallas Cowboys in Dallas on Sunday night. This was a hyped up game in every sense of the word. Between the new stadium in Dallas, the Sunday Night Football status, and the fact that these teams have an enduring rivalry that seems to carry on with each season, this was a game that couldn’t be missed.

Philadelphia Eagles Aren’t the Same Without McNabb

Donovan McNabb is the face of the Philadelphia Eagles. The storied veteran is now in his 30s, but he’s nearly as effective as he’s ever been. The team’s week one trouncing of the Carolina Panthers showcased this, as McNabb lit up the field and beat the Panthers by a score of 38-10.

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