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Hunt For Michael Phelps – The Swimming Olympics Gold Medal Winner

Michael Phelps said he wants to learn from the other Michael. Yes, the one and only Michael Jordan. He wants to be the Michael Jordan of swimming. Michael (Phelps) wants to increase the popularity of swimming the way Jordan has done it for basketball. He is well on his way. The buzz he created through his Olympic performance, he wants to turn it into everlasting interest. The million dollar endorsement money he received from Speedo swimwear, he will donate a part of that to an organization that works to increase the popularity of swimming.

Strength Training Secrets of Olympic Athletes

During the Olympics, it is difficult to not look at the Olympic athletes and admire their bodies. They have muscle definition over their entire bodies, and they also have flexibility. It is difficult to not be jealous of the perfect specimens that Olympic athletes turn into in order to compete.

Will the Bubble Burst For Dara Torres?

Sitting and watching the Olympic swimming events last night, I was kind of glad to see the final events for Dara Torres and Michael Phelps. They are great stories, but it was a little overkill for my tastes. Watching Dara Torres, the 41 year-old mother, stand next to her comrades and swimming in her last event, I couldn’t help but think is this miracle story legit?

The Sexy Olympics

In recent debates about whether or not journalists should comment on an athlete’s looks, many people expressed the view that to do this would be demeaning to most men and women of the sporting profession. Looking at pictures on my laptop of the Olympic athletes competing in Beijing however, it only enforces my opinion that the human body is a beautiful thing that should be complimented. Far from shying away from writing about the excellent bodies and looks of these five star athletes we should be making more of them.

Sexism in the Olympics?

Due to me being at work all day every day for the past few weeks without access to my beloved widescreen LCD TV, I have been watching the Olympic feeds on my computer. At the last Olympics the variety and clarity of these feeds would be nowhere near the quality now available to me from websites such as CNN the BBC or the Guardian online. I find I can watch races, interviews and commentary of the games in my lunch break right from the comfort of my desk.

Beijing 2008, Boris Johnson and Your DNA – What Could Be the Link?

The 2008 Olympic Games have now ended and the baton has been passed on to London for 2012. At the closing ceremony in the Bird’s Nest Stadium in Beijing the Olympic Flag was handed over to the mayor of London, Boris Johnson. As the screen in the Bird’s Nest looked ahead with the exhortation to “Let’s meet in London in 2012” I was struck by a strange symmetry around the theme of temporary custodianship of something precious.

Sporting Flight From Bhiwani to Beijing

After a long dry spell of 56 years, India has finally managed to break the jinx of being tagged as the sole medal country at the Olympics. Vijender, 23-year-old pugilist with the Greek- God chiseled looks from the sleepy town of Bhiwani humbled his Ecuadorian rival Carlos Gongora 9-4. He came, saw and conquered the hearts of millions of proud Indians. The twinkle-eyed lad became the first Indian boxer to make it to punch his way into the semifinal of Olympics.

So How Long Has Michael Phelps Been Training to Be a Champion?

Stories about teenage phenoms winning gold medals and setting world records at world-class swimming competitions are legion. The list is long and you can add Michael Phelps’ name to the list. Find out what Phelps had to do, and how he did it to get where he is today.

Phelps’ 8 Gold Medals Could Net Him $100 Million in Future Income

Sports agents that should know decided some time ago that winning a gold medal in the Olympics could be worth $12 million in appearances and endorsements. Michael Phelps’ 8 golds at $12 million apiece works out to $96 million in possible income. Phelps’ agent, Peter Carlisle, agrees, but will Phelps be a success or a failure as a marketable personality for companies seeking his services?

Olympic Basketball and the Emergence of International Stars

The Olympic Games and other international basketball competitions have gathered growing interest from American spectators as the pool of international basketball talent has grown richer and the games have gotten closer. Over the past decade many new and exciting international stars have emerged including Dirk Nowitzki, Steve Nash, Andrei Kirilenko and Tony Parker.

America’s Middle Distance Running Disaster at the 2008 Beijing Olympics

Despite all of the United States’ great success in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, there was next to nothing to cheer about its middle distance runners in the track and field competition. If it was not for Shalane Flanagan’s third-place finish in the 10,000, the United States would not have won a single medal in the middle distance events. Her 30:22.22 clocking was good enough for the bronze medal and an American record.

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