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Super Bowl Fun Facts

Get out the chips, the dip, the beer, and plenty of antacids and get ready for Super Bowl Sunday! Whoa! Hold on a minute, you say!

Which NFL Teams Will Drop Off and Which Will Improve Before 2008 is Over?

As the 2008 NFL season progresses one has to start wondering which teams will survive the playoffs and walk away with the superbowl trophy. Certainly this football season promises to be one of the most exciting to date.

Isn’t it Possible?

Is it possible that the 2008 Arkansas Razorback’s football team is better than ESPN leads us to believe? One fan thinks it is not only possible, but probable.

Speed Training For Football – Strength and Speed Create Victory

Speed training for football is every bit as important as strength training. You have to develop a blend of strength, speed, explosive power and intuitiveness to become the total athletic package that will dominate on the field on battle! Players that rank high amongst their peers outperform them in events like the 10 yard and 40 yard sprints. Often, the difference between good and excellent boils down to speed alone.

Quarterback Training – Reading the Defense

This article is for quarterbacks that want to learn more about reading the defense. It discuses how to identify the blitz, zone defenses and man-to- man coverages.

2008 Red River Shootout Game

Its hard to say with the cheapest tickets going for almost $200 that those people got their money’s worth. They did get it, if you can put a price on awe-inspiring football. Some people are calling this #1 OU vs #5 Texas the greatest game they have ever seen.

Losing Romo is Not As Bad As it Sounds For the Cowboys

The Cowboys will be okay while Tony Romo is injured. Brad Johnson has plenty of experience and is a Super Bowl winner. This may bring the team together.

Top Ten Defenses in the NFL

Arizona Cardinals: They have some of the sickest safeties in the league. We’re talking Adrian Wilson and Antrel Rolle. The corners are not bad either. I mean they got Rodgers Cromartie as well as other consistent players.

Dallas Cowboys Tame the Bengals

The Cowboys must have listened to my last post about them. I wrote they needed to give the ball to Felix Jones more. Well sure enough he got it plenty of times and scored a touchdown. He average 10.7 yards a carry. I would be running him 20 times a game with those numbers.

The Gators Vs The Hurricanes Through the Eyes of a Brooklyn Girl

Growing up in Brooklyn, I watched a lot of baseball with my dad. It was not until age 13, that I realized that the last line of the national anthem was not playball. So now I am a beginner football fan.

Pro Football – Does Seattle Have Too Many Stars and Not Enough Football Players?

Whatever bloom was on the Seattle Seahawks football team has officially faded with the soon to be falling leaves of autumn. It was nice while it lasted. Fans were gifted with 4 consecutive National Football Conference West Division titles, a NFC championship and a Super Bowl appearance. What has caused the demise of a once elite team?

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